World Premiere of Alan Brody's Operation Epsilon, Directed by Andy Sandberg, Premieres March 7

News   World Premiere of Alan Brody's Operation Epsilon, Directed by Andy Sandberg, Premieres March 7
The world premiere of Operation Epsilon, Alan Brody's play about the race to build the atomic bomb, debuts March 7 at the Nora Theatre Company in Cambridge, MA.

Barlow Adamson
Barlow Adamson

Tony Award-winning director/producer Andy Sandberg (Hair, The Last Smoker in America, Beyond the Music) stages the production that runs through April 28 at the Central Square Theater. It officially opens March 17.

Here's how Operation Epsilon is billed: "It's the close of World War II – the dawn of the atomic age. The Allies have captured Germany's top ten nuclear scientists and sequestered them at Farm Hall – a lavish estate in England – keeping them under surveillance to learn what they know about the American nuclear program and to gauge how close the Nazis were to making an atomic bomb. Nine of these men, including Nobel Prize winners Otto Hahn and Werner Heisenberg, are known as Hitler's 'Uranium Club.' Based on actual transcripts of secretly recorded conversations, playwright Alan Brody illuminates the ethical complexity of pursuing scientific discovery at the risk of wreaking catastrophic consequences."

The cast includes Barlow Adamson (Major Rittner), Diego Arciniegas (Werner Heisenberg), Ken Baltin (Max Von Laue), Owen Doyle (Kurt Diebner), Kendall Hodder (Erich Bagge), John Kooi (Karl Wirtz), Will Lyman (Otto Hahn), Ross MacDonald (Horst Korsching), Allan Mayo (Paul Harteck), Robert Murphy (Walther Gerlach) and Dan Whelton (Friederich Von Weizsacker).

The design team features scenic designer Janie E. Howland, lighting designer John R. Malinowski, costume designer Charles Schoonmaker and sound designer Dewey Dellay.

Brody's plays also include The Housewives of Mannheim, Five Scenes from Life, Greytop in Love, One-on-One, Reckoning Time: A Song of Walt Whitman and Inventions for Fathers and Sons.


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