Young Jean Lee and Stanley Kowalski Visit HERE Arts Center in 2006-07

News   Young Jean Lee and Stanley Kowalski Visit HERE Arts Center in 2006-07
A array of new plays, puppet shows, dance pieces and children's theatre make up the 2006-07 season at HERE Arts Center in Soho, Manhattan.

The season begins with a new play by rising dramatist Young Jean Lee (Pullman, WA, The Appeal). Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven is described as "a chaotic, disturbing, sometimes offensive take on [Korean-American Lee's] cultural heritage... Lee explores love, happiness and the desire to destroy everything in one’s path." Dates are Sept. 21-Oct. 14.

Following is one of the more intriguing items in the HERE line-up, Stanley 2006, playing Oct. 27-Nov. 19. This solo multi-media piece "transports the character Stanley Kowalski from A Streetcar Named Desire to the year 2006, where he wanders the streets in search of Blanche DuBois. Through live-feed video and rapid-fire collage, this collaboration among OBIE-Award winner Lisa D'Amour, Todd D'Amour and Tara Webb reveals a man who thinks he is Stanley and provides a close-up of a man aching for what he wants."

Next up, running Oct. 31-Nov. 12, is The Fortune Teller by Erik Sankowhich, which drafts 15 marionettes and four puppeteers, and features music by Danny Elfman. "Seven characters, each representing a deadly sin, find themselves benefactors of a late millionaire, with the fate of their inheritances in the hands of a fortune teller," according to production notes. "Each soon meets their gruesome end as a result of their sins in this production developed through HERE's Dream Music puppetry program."

Other highlights include:

*Rus (Feb. 17-March 10), "a multimedia work inspired by the myth of Icarus... The integrated elements of this production include performance, video, text, dance and experimental puppetry. Rus marks the fourth collaboration among James Scruggs, Kristin Marting and Hal Eagar." * Puppet artist Oliver Dalzell's Ice Cream for Diablo, which promises to "breathe life into comic book panels as they jump to life on stage," in May 2007.

* Also in May 2007, the Children's Danish Theatre Festival curated by Jeff Mousseau (former curator of Tribeca Performing Arts Center). This mini-festival for youth features two acclaimed works from Denmark: Gruppe 38's The Little Match Girl (for ages 7 and up); and Teater Refleksion's Goodbye Mr. Muffin (ages 4 and up).

* Closing out the Mainstage season, the premiere of Alexandra Beller's US in June 2007. This solo dance about America "explores the premise that patriotism can be an addiction blinding 'us' to the truth. Offering an expose of current hot-button issues through movement, song and text, US follows one woman's search for a healthy relationship with a sick country in an attempt to form compassionate understandings of all sides."

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