6 Actors Needed for Zoom Workshop Recording of New Musical, $25/hour

6 Actors Needed for Zoom Workshop Recording of New Musical, $25/hour

CATEGORY: Performer

R. D. Rhobajt, Writer-Producer
Minneapolis, MN 55409


R. D. (Rick) Rhobajt

Job Details


Production title: Deniers, the Musical
Production type: Writer-produced Zoom Reading/Workshop and Project Recording.
Project length: 2-Act Musical (2+ hours)
Writer website: www.rhobajt.com/musicals
Workshop location: Zoom
Compensation: $25 per hour, paid to each actor within 24 hours of each Zoom session.

Virtual Auditions: Oct 14th-31th, 2020

Call Backs: 5-minute Zoom calls scheduled within one week of audition link sent. My apologies, but if you do not receive a call back request within one week please consider your audition declined.

Workshop Scheduling: All-Cast rehearsals Wednesdays 8:00-10:30pm EDT, with additional smaller group and one-on-one zoom sessions scheduled based on actor availability. Expect to attend 12-24 sessions each lasting 2-3 hours depending on your role.

Workshop Starts: Nov 11, 2020

Workshop Ends: Upon completion, most likely sometime in January 2021.

Musical Plot/Premise: “To save planet, remove hatred and revenge and insert love and understanding” or, “No matter how bad climate change gets, it’s no excuse for throwing science deniers into internment camps.” Definitely a dark dystopian comedy in the Urinetown/Threepenny Opera camp, not to be taken ... too seriously.


Actor 1 - Shea - 30ish Female (G3-E5 belt) Protagonist, the sane person thrown in with all the crazies, cautious yet determined, think Elphaba from Wicked or Anya from Anastasia.

Actor 2 - Alan - 30ish Male, (G2-Eb4) the everyman, kind of a Benny from In the Heights or Mark from Rent type.

Actor 3 - Aggy - 24ish Female, (G3-Eb5 belt) unlucky, witty, think Rizzo from Grease or Janis from Mean Girls.

Actor 4 - Olivia - 60ish Female, (A3-E5) charismatic but volatile, think Momma Rose, the Witch from Into the Woods, or Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard.

Actor 5 - Virgil - 20-50ish, Male, (B2-E4) an everygoon, a cowboy Vanilla Ice, a Laurel or Hardy.

Actor 6 - (role filled)

Actor 7 - Visitor/Ava - 20-50ish, Female, (G3-D5) more comic relief, any shade of SNL cast member.

Video Audition Instructions:

-click (or copy-paste) audition materials cloud folder link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhGuXehleylpg4U9Ge4DkzGrqm0Amw?e=9CMoc9

-Find the leadsheet and sing-along track for the part you’d like to audition for and record a video of yourself singing a cappella along to the demo track using headphones (some find the technique of singing with one cup off or one earbud out to be helpful.) Each track is around 30-40 seconds. Then read the line of dialogue. Each line is about 5 seconds.

-Copy your audition video, resume, and any additional videos of your acting and singing talents to a new folder in your google drive, icloud, onedrive, or dropbox.

-Email me a link to your folder.

-Watch “000 audition and workshop details” video in audition materials folder if you have questions or want more details.

If cast, actors will need:
-Venmo/Zelle/Paypal account so they can get paid.
-Good internet - 40mbps or greater internet service with a 20ms or less ping.
-Good smartphone or camcorder.
-Laptop/Desktop for zooming.
-Earbud headphones.
-A quiet space with good lighting and no background noise.
-Cloud storage (at least 10gb free). We’ll share files during sessions to respect your time.
-To review the script and scratch demos at least once before the workshop begins.
-To give their permission to exhibit final workshop recording in public.
-Bonus: a healthy love of Spinal Tap, Brecht, bad cowboy accents, South Park, and Planet Earth.


November 11, 2020 - January 14, 2021





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