AD: 8 Week Theater Game- Actor Recovery Course


AD: 8 Week Theater Game- Actor Recovery Course

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Jen Jurek

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*This class is for you as you are, where you are, and who you are - today

Viola Spolin's games serve to activate the intuition and the self. "Theater games do not inspire "proper" moral behavior (good/bad), but rather seek to free each person to feel his or her own true nature, out of which a felt, experienced, actual love of neighbor will appear." - Viola Spolin

"When I came to this city, I was overwhelmed with the "Business" of the acting business.  I had wonderful access to my intuition, but I became afraid and stopped taking creative risks.  Because of this my performances became one dimensional.  I was terrified that this profession I loved so much was no longer mine to have. And...then I found Viola Spolin's work...when I was ready for it...and it changed everything" -Fellow Player 

This class is based on Viola Spolin’s theater games and will be taking place this fall online. Viola's lifetime of work can help creators of all walks reclaim a sense of autonomy and remember the value of the human experience.  The classes will be on ZOOM lasting for 2 hours once a week, Tuesdays starting 10/5.  We will play the games, learn the value ad of evaluation, and work to become aware of the approval/disapproval system that plagues our brains at times. Please join us this fall online. Find our classes here. 

HOW MUCH: $160

WHEN: Tuesdays 10/5/2021 - 11/23/2021

TIME: 7:00 PM -9:00 PM

WHERE: zoom


October 5, 2021 - November 23, 2021



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