Actor: Casey or Tasha

Actor: Casey or Tasha

CATEGORY: Performer

Hodge Podge Productions
Mission Hills, CA 91345


charissa clark

Job Details


We have cast 4 out of a potential 8 roles for a webseries called KidamaJIGs. We are looking for two more talented girls and boys. Pay is mainly through copy, credit, meals and points but there is a probability of monetary payment assuming we gain sponsorships from non-profits and donors.

KidamaJIGS is a kids’ web series about young, diverse dancers and singers that share a similar dream, to see their name in lights. Through the use of fables, with a modern twist, the group of ambitious artists experience the trials and tribulations that come with the dream of making it in the industry and learn about the morals and friendships that get them through it.

*The dates are tentative, due to Covid-19. We'd like to start shooting in November but may have to push it to 2021.


Roles Casting:

Casey is passionate and talented but he lacks confidence which at times gets in the way of realizing his abilities and achieving his goals.


Tasha is very confident in everything she does especially dance. Her confidence sometimes gets confused as arrogance but that doesn't stop her from doing her best at what she loves and being there for a friend when they need her.

Please email us (click link, don't copy and paste) about your desire to audition and we will send you requirements for a self tape, sides included.


November 21, 2020 - November 28, 2020



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