Actor for “The Colors of Shakespeare”

Actor for “The Colors of Shakespeare”

CATEGORY: Performer

BLAAC Black Latino Asian Artist Coalition
Syracuse, NY 13219

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BLAAC is the Black Latino Asian Artist Coalition. A production company in Syracuse NY. This production Company was created because we saw a need in the community for more artists of color to be represented, especially in the theatre community. This company gives artists of color more opportunities to come together, showcase their talents, and be creative in safe spaces where they feel welcomed.  

BLAAC is casting for the role of "Othello" in the short film "The Colors of Shakespeare" 
The Colors of Shakespeare is a film re-imagining the works of Shakespeare in modern day times. This film is giving more opportunities to artists of color to explore Shakespeare's work like never before. Bringing together a diverse group of writers and actors from different backgrounds to create a more inclusive Modern twist on these Classic pieces. 

Othello=African American Male or Female age range=20s-30s. Familiar with Shakespeare.

All rehearsals and recording will take place via zoom. Please email headshot and resume to


January 23, 2021 - January 23, 2021





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