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John McEneny

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Seeking Actors for Non-union Production of New Musical: Prospect Hill 


Casting for an outdoor production of Prospect Hill, a new lesbian musical in development at Piper Theatre in Brooklyn. Produced by John P. McEneny and directed by Jessi Hill. With Book, Music, and Lyrics by Lily Ali-Oshatz and Mark Galinovsky, this show seeks to explore the history and legacy of the queer neighborhood of Park Slope in the 90s. This workshop has a vested interest in elevating and honoring lesbian stories in the musical theatre canon. 

Plot outline: 

The musical tells the story of a young queer woman struggling to find belonging and community in a world where explicitly queer spaces are slowly disappearing. The play has been commissioned by Piper Theatre to honor the queer history of Park Slope, Brooklyn. 

Character Breakdown: 

Dee - (Vocal range: A3-F4) Mid 20s, White, woman. Queer, enthusiastic, very high ups and downs, stubborn, romantic. Dee is new to Brooklyn and has a lot to learn about being an independent adult. She struggles to see herself outside of her connections to other people. Dee learns to embrace community and discover her role within it. 

Jonie - (G2-C4) Late 40s to mid 60s, White, woman. Lesbian, eccentric, long time New Yorker, playful. As Dee’s new landlord, she jumps at the chance to make friends with the “next generation of gay people.” Jonie walks a thin line between appreciating the past and being stuck there. 

Sonia - (F#2-D4) Mid 20s, Latina, woman. Queer, ambitious, nurturing, compassionate. Dee’s close friend from childhood and Tyler’s partner. Sonia tends to stretch herself too thin in order to show up for her friends. Her desire to appease everyone else’s needs backfires. 

Tyler - (D2-F3) 20s-30s, Asian, transmasculine. Queer, dry sense of humor, financially stable, confident, activist. Native New Yorker and Sonia’s partner. Tyler functions as a rock to most people in his life. He doesn’t like to appear that he needs anything and struggles with a budding jealousy over Dee and Sonia’s friendship. 

May (G2-C4) - 30s to early 40s, White, woman. Lesbian, butch and proud, hilarious, moralistic, dependable. Working class and no nonsense. She holds firmly to her progressive political ideals and demands the same commitments from her friends.

Nick - (C#2-Ab4) Late 20s-early 30s, White, man. Gay, corporate, parental. Dee’s older brother. His anxiety over Dee’s lack of direction in life often comes across as nagging rather than supportive. Nick does not feel a connection to gay culture and doesn’t understand Dee’s obsession with creating queer community. 

Ensemble 1 (F#2-E4) - Any age, any ethnicity, woman. Plays Deborah in the 90s plot line and neighborhood community members in the present day. Excellent sense of comedic timing. As Park Slope is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, the ethnicity of this character should reflect the diversity of New York City. 

Ensemble 2 (A2-D#3) - Any age, any ethnicity, man. Plays Announcer in the 90s plot line, a server and other community members in the present day. Excellent sense of comedic timing. As Park Slope is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, the ethnicity of this character should reflect the diversity of New York City. 

Piper Theatre Productions does not believe in discrimination based on race, color, creed, gender, neurodiversity, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, age, or disability. 

We are committed to diversity and encourage performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit. 

Job Start Date: 

June 3rd 2021 

Job End Date: 

July 24th 2021 

Non Union 

How to apply: 

Please create a single video with all your audition materials, upload it to YouTube by April 13th. Send the link to The video can be private or unlisted as long as anyone can view it with a link. 


$500 stipend 

What to prepare: 

Please create a self-tape of you performing a contemporary monologue no longer than one minute and a 32-bar cut of a contemporary musical theatre or pop rock song. 


All rehearsals will be in South Brooklyn, New York. Performances are at the Old Stone House in Park Slope.



June 3, 2021 - July 24, 2021





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