AD: Movement Theater Studio Online: 6 Dynamic Virtual Physical Theater Workshops

AD: Movement Theater Studio Online: 6 Dynamic Virtual Physical Theater Workshops

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Movement Theater Studio
Brooklyn, NY 11210

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Movement Theater Studio is thrilled to announce our first ever series of live virtual physical theatre classes. We are offering six incredible online workshops on Physical Comedy, Mask Making, Ensemble Directing, Stories in Sound, and Jacques Lecoq technique. Each workshop is being taught by a member of our world-class faculty. (

Normally our in-person courses would only be available to those living in the New York City area. In adapting to our current global circumstances, we have converted our workshops to an entirely online model. Now, for the first time, our classes can be taken from anywhere in the world. We already have students joining from Singapore, Cairo, Macedonia, India, and across the US. Please join us in this rare opportunity to bring the work of Jacques Lecoq directly to your home.

If you have been sitting at home in quarantine yearning for an adventure, to re-awaken your sense of play, or to take ownership of yourself as a creator – this is for you.

Classes are filling up quickly! Apply now to be join us in May-June. Additional workshops in July-August will be announced soon.

To learn more about the new lineup of classes to go

About Movement Theater Studio:

MTS was founded by actor/director Richard Crawford (of Cirque du Soleil and Broadway’s War Horse) to create a home for the teachings of Jacques Lecoq in New York. For 10 years MTS has been a training destination for thousands of generative theatre-makers from across the globe.

We believe there is no separation between the psychological and the physical actor. The most exciting performer is one who can engage their imagination fully while having a rigorously trained physical instrument through which these impulses can be dynamically expressed. All full time faculty at MTS have trained at École International du Théàtre Jacques Lecoq, Paris.

1.  Shadow Puppetry: Silhouettes in my Bedroom (Teacher: Tom Lee)

2. Physical Comedy (Teacher: Virginia Scott)

3. Mask Making / Play Teacher: Richard Crawford)

4. Ensemble Directing (Teacher: Emmanuelle Delpech)

5. Stories in Sound (Teacher: Adrienne Kapstein)

6. Lecoq's Twenty Movements: Adventures in a (tiny) space (Teacher: Yuval Boim)



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