AD: Online Monologue Coaching and Personalized Monologue Selection

AD: Online Monologue Coaching and Personalized Monologue Selection

CATEGORY: Coaching

Morgan Monologues
New York, NY

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Looking for new monologues to perfect during this quarantine? Starting to prepare for college auditions? Want a coaching session to make your "go to monologue" fresh again?   

Monologue selection and preparation can be difficult. However, I am here to help! I have been coaching monologues for 5 years in Chicago and NYC, and in that time I have collected a monologue database of hundreds of monologues. Together, we will get you audition ready!

I am NOT a big, impersonal business.    I do NOT follow a “one size fits all” approach to acting.    I AM here to listen to YOU, to give you all the personal attention you need to succeed.  

I create a program based on your needs as an actor. Want help finding a monologue but don't need coaching? Have a monologue you love and want one coaching session to clean it up? Want ten coaching sessions to prepare for a special audition? Let's talk and make the best program for you!

I am available for vitual sessions. 

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