American Stage Company 2021-22 SPT and LOA Seasons Equity Video Submissions (Deadline: 09.22.21)


American Stage Company 2021-22 SPT and LOA Seasons Equity Video Submissions (Deadline: 09.22.21)

CATEGORY: Performer

American Stage Company (FL)
St Petersburg, FL

Job Details



$562 weekly minimum (SPT 7 and LOA)

Viewing auditions:
Kristin Clippard, Associate Artistic Director
Paul Edward Wilt, Associate Artistic Producer
Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj, Producing Artistic Director

Directors for each production:
Odd Couple: Adam Mace
Jacob Marley: Kristin Clippard
School Girls: Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj
Footloose: Shain Stroff
Dutchman: TBA

Callbacks will be scheduled at a later date.

See production dates in breakdown.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination.
Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Equity actors for roles in 2021-22 SPT and LOA seasons (see breakdown).

All work will be in accordance with our COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines.

There is payment for all roles, and all roles are available.

We are committed to providing opportunities for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ actors throughout our entire season. BIPOC and LGBTQIA+
actors are strongly encouraged to apply for all shows in our season.

American Stage can provide housing to outof-town actors.


Please prepare two contrasting monologues that are no longer than 3 minutes total. You may include
1 minute of a song if you wish to be considered for Footloose. You may use a song of your own or use
the accompaniment provided at

We encourage actors to make bold choices and use the video to its fullest capability as storytellers.
We are seeking energetic actors who have active, imaginative storytelling skills and can play a variety of characters.

Commitment to EDI in our casting
At American Stage, we see the empty space as an opportunity for social change & civilized discourse
to occur --one of the few sacred places left in a far too noisy, often divided, world where human beings
can still sit in the quiet dark together, think a while, & be awakened. To gain a richer connection to the
fragility of beauty & pain that exists in all art & life.

Theater of, by, and for all people. Artist-driven, radically inclusive, and fundamentally democratic.
Through artistic excellence and the craft of storytelling, American Stage is committed to creating a
safe space for multicultural artists to share their full humanity, as we come back to the theatre at this
exciting but challenging time. We choose to create a new American Stage that enriches and embodies
the rich diversity and cultural tapestry of America and truly reflects the American experience

The Odd Couple (SPT)
by Neil Simon
Rehearses: 10/5/21-10/28/21
Runs: 10/27/21-11/21/21

Felix Ungar, Male, 40-45, African American, A fastidious, hypochondriac news-writer whose marriage is ending.

Oscar Madison, Male, 40-45, Caucasian, A slovenly, recently divorced sportswriter and Felix's best friend.

Murray, Male, 40-45, Asian American, A NYPD policeman, one of Felix's and Oscar's poker buddies.

Speed, Male, 40-45, One of the poker buddies. Gruff and sarcastic, often picking on Vinnie and Murray.

Vinny, Male, 40-45, Latinx, One of the poker buddies. Vinnie is mild-mannered and henpecked, making him an easy target for Speed's verbal barbs.

Roy, Male, 40-45, One of the poker buddies. Oscar's accountant. Roy has a dry wit but is less acerbic than Speed.

Cecily Pigeon, Female, 30s, A divorcee. Felix's and Oscar's giggly upstairs neighbors, a pair of English sisters.

Gwendolyn Pigeon, Female, 30s, A widow. Felix's and Oscar's giggly upstairs neighbors, a pair of English sisters.

Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol (SPT)
by Tom Mula
Rehearses: 11/16/21-12/9/21
Runs: 12/8/21-1/2/22

Track 1, Male, 40s-50s, Angry old pillacob Marley - middle aged, awful, a sour, proud, lonely, and
Christmas Past - the artful dodger - obnoxious, and Christmas Present - Dickens, as in God, and A
Boy - young, very sad little Marley, and Young Marley

Track 2, 20s-40s, Bogle - a small demon? She's mean enough. Lots of energy, enjoys the work. And there's more here than meets the eye. She's got something at stake too. And also a Little Girl.

Track 3, Female, 50s and up, Scrooge - as bad as they say, and Young Scrooge, and a Damned Soul
Track 4, Male, Record Keeper - comfortable old Rumpole type, and a lot more too, Fezziwig - as in
Dickens, and A Damned Woman, Fred - Scrooge’s nephew, Cratchit - a low status office clerk, Dick
Wilkins - a bully, Marley's Father - terrible, The Shadow

School Girls; Or, the African Mean Girls Play (SPT)
by Jocelyn Bioh
Rehearses: 1/11/22-2/3/22
Runs: 2/2/22-2/27/22

Paulina Sarpong, Female, 18, African - Ghanian, The most popular girl in school and knows it. She is
beautiful, talented, vindictive and yet somehow loveable. Must be a capable singer.

Ericka Boafo, Female, 18, Light/Fair skin Biracial African and White, She is a transfer student and is
new to school. She is enchanting, sweet, elusive. Must be able to sing and channel Whinety Houston.

Ama, Female, 18, African - Ghanian, She is the sensible, smart one of Paulina's pack and has the
honor of being Paulina's best friend. Her loyalty to Paulina is starting to fray, and she has to work up to
being the girl who is not afraid to say it like she means it. Sings onstage.

Nana, Female, 16, African - Ghanian, The quiet, simple, sensitive one of Paulina's pack. She never
means any harm and strives to do the right thing. She struggles with her love of food and snacks.
Sings onstage.

Mercy, Female, 16, African - Ghanian, The witty sidekick to Gifty and will do and say anything to stay a
member of Paulina's pack. Sings onstage.

Gifty, Female, 16, African - Ghanian, The Frick to Mercy's Frack; loves being part of Paulina's pack
and will do anything to be considered cool. Sings onstage.

Headmistress Francis, Female, 40s, African - Ghanian, The Headsmistress of Aburi Girls Board
School; she love her students, and will do whatever she can to uplift and protect them.

Eloise Ampohnsah, Female, 40s, African - Ghanian, Extremely poised and well manners Miss Ghana
1966. She is now a recruiter for the Miss Ghana pagaent. She speaks with a slightly affected British
accent and prides herself in always being a lady.

Footloose the Musical (LOA)
by Tom Snow, Dean Pitchford, and Walter Bobbie
Rehearses: 3/15/22-4/5/22
Runs: 4/4/22-5/8/22

Bickle/Cowboy Bob, Male, 20s, Lead vocalist at the Bar-B-Que restaurant and dance club. Cowboy
Bob, the lead singer at the Barbeque Restaurant sings Still Rockin’ with his country western band. He
blatantly flirts with Rusty and is the catalyst for Willard’s confession that he “can’t dance”. This
character appears only in Act 2 and will double as other singing and dancing ensemble roles in Act 1.

Betty Blast, Female, 40s+, Owner of The Burger Blast restaurant

Wes Wamicker, Male, 40s+, Lulu’s husband.

A Cop,

Garvin, Male, 20s, Ren’s Friend, Baritone

Jeter, Male, 20s, Ren’s Friend, Tenor

Lyle, Male, 20s, Chuck’s Friend, Tenor

Travis, Male 20s, Chuck’s Friend, Tenor

Lulu Warnicker, Female, 40s+, Ren’s Aunt

Elanor Dunbar, Female, 40s+, Coach’s Wife

Principal Harry Clark, Any gender, 40s+

Coach Dunbar, Male, 40s+, Principal of the high school.

Ariel Moore, Female, 20s, Gym Teacher

Ren McCormack, Male, Tenor, A teenage boy from Chicago. Ideally, Ren must sing and dance – and
he must also be fairly witty. Ren is a joker who enjoys a good time (which is why his pals are upset to
find out he’s leaving Chicago in the opening number). Lately though, his fun-loving attitude has taken
on a tone of desperation. He is trying too hard to convince the world, and himself, that his father’s
desertion hasn’t wounded him as deeply as it has. Ariel is the first character to get Ren to talk about
that sticky subject. Sharing that intimacy early on becomes the basis for Ren’s and Ariel’s relationship.
Ren’s emotional journey starts with his being feisty and flippant in Act 1, continues through his
thoughtful argument to the Town Council, and ends with this emotional final confrontation with
Reverend Moore. It’s a journey from boyhood to maturity.

Reverend Shaw Moore, Baritone, The minister of Bomont County and father of a teenage girl, Ariel.
The secret to the character of Reverend Moore is that he is charismatic and even a little charming.
Shaw has a quick mind, a loving heart, and a sense of humor which endear him to his congregation.
While trying to be strong for so many people, he continues to mourn the death of his son; the one
person he could not save. Only Ariel and Vi, and eventually Ren, get a glimpse of this private anguish
and the flashes of frustration and temper that arise from that.

Rusty, Female, 20s, Soprano Ariel’s best friend. Rusty may come off as sassy and self-assured, but in
many ways she is the most deeply romantic character in the story. She truly believes that she and
Willard were meant to be together. However, they are so inept about expressing themselves, that it
takes Ren, and a little time on the dance floor, to ultimately bring that about.

Urleen,Female, 20s, Soprano, Ariel’s Friend

Wendy Jo, Female, 20s, Mezzo Soprano, Ariel’s Friend

Willlard Hewitt, Male, 20s, Tenor, Ren’s friend, a country boy. Willard is not dumb. He is a gentle soul
with quick fists, which are his defense against a world that he often has trouble comprehending.
Willard just hasn’t had anyone come along to puncture his macho belligerence, until Ren arrives. After
that, the humor in the character of Willard derives from his innocent and giddy discovery of the new
worlds that Ren opens up to him.

Chuck Cranston, Male, 20s, Tenor, This character is the one “villain” in the show. Ariel gravitates
toward Chuck because he represents everything her father is against. The character is bit of a bully
and is also unpredictable. Chuck has one signature song in the show – The Girl Gets Around. The
actor playing this part will also double as other ensemble parts in some of the bigger singing and
dancing numbers of the show.

Vi Moore, Female, 40s+, Mezzo Soprano Reverend Shaw’s wife. Despite the loss of her son and the
strained relationship with her husband, Vi fully understands what kind of unflagging good humor she
must display in order to keep her household, and her husband’s congregation, running smoothly. With
her plucky irreverence, she gives us a glimpse of what life with Shaw was like before the tragedy,
when theirs was a marriage both passionate and playful.

Ethel McCormack, Female, 40s+, Mezzo Soprano, Ren’s mother. She is where Ren get his
intelligence, his resilience, and his sense of humor. It’s hard for Ethel to be living in her sister’s home
and abiding by her brother-in-law’s rules. However, she never succumbs to the pathos of her situation.
After all, she has to be strong for Ren. Their mutual loss (the walking-out of her husband/Ren’s father)
has brought them closer together. They share a teasing, good-natured relationship.

Dutchman (SPT)
by Amiri Baraka
Rehearses: 6/7/22-6/30/22
Runs: 6/29/22 - 7/31/22

Clay, Male, Black, a 20-year-old, middle-class black man. He is college educated, and well dressed.
Clay is extremely calm and well-mannered, although he finally reaches his breaking point by the end
of the play.

Lula, Female, White, a 30-year-old white woman. She is tall, slender, and has long red hair. She is
described in the play as loud lipstick, bright, and skimpy summer clothes, with sandals, and

Young Black Man, 20, He is described to have a couple of books under his arm on the train.

Conductor, Any Age or Race, a happy spirited man, mumbling a song to himself, and swaying down
the aisle to a song in his head. He does not appear until the end of the play.

Various Subway Riders


Please fill out the audition submission form at, and submit a copy of your headshot & resume along with your video submission link there.

Please contact for more information.

Deadline: 09/22/2021




SPT / LOA $562 weekly minimum (SPT 7 and LOA)