Arts & Cultural Consultant

Arts & Cultural Consultant

CATEGORY: Administrative

New York, NY

Job Details


A premier NYC based arts, culture, and social engagement consultancy seeks new consultants to support and grow with us as we reimagine the business of arts and culture throughout the United States and abroad.




…ARE an emerging NYC arts manager, creative entrepreneur, and/or consultant that likes to design solutions. You understand the “rules” and best practices but also aren’t afraid to do the unconventional in order to make sure you get it right. You have an entrepreneurial spirit, and you like to explore new ways of working and thinking. You know that diversity is essential and are passionate about arts and culture.


…HAVE earned a Bachelor’s degree, worked for a few years, and now you’re ready to take your career to the next level. You are adept with technology – from Instagram to Excel and you don’t require a lot of supervision. You are a bold thinker and revel in problematizing conflict and conundrums.


…ARE NOT looking to be just another arts manager. If your career goal is to simply be the Associate Director of Marketing at a 50-year-old arts non-profit, we are probably not a match. If your future involves taking all that you’ve learned and built here and building a new arts management solution – in your own image, then we are definitely a match.


Bonus points if you know how to make an authentic Kir Royale, but that’s not required.




…ARE a nimble New York City and state certified minority and women owned consulting firm that supports arts and cultural organizations at critical moments of change. We offer a wide range of services, from executive management to strategic and business planning to operations and marketing support. We work as both external consultants, and as on site/internal reinforcement for our clients.


…DO NOT do things the way they’ve been done simply based on tradition, nor do we try something new just for the sake of newness. Our consultants strike the delicate balance between innovation and best practice, and work with clients with a variety of institutional cultures. Our current client list includes notable organizations in Brooklyn, Harlem, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and other US cities.


…NEED a partner with fresh eyes and high energy to lead administrative and managerial tasks. We are looking for someone to commit 15 to 20 hours per week on arranging client activities and project deliverables, driving external communications, and supervising CJAM team coordination.


…LOVE diversity in all ways – of lived experience, of thought, and of professional background. Non-traditional, unconventional and diverse applicants are especially encouraged.


…PAY is competitive, based on experience.


Interested? Send a resume and cover letter that speaks to your ability, availability and how you will add to our team to Feel empowered to include arts and cultural organizations you find particularly interesting as well as your favorite cocktail.







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