Casting Call - Tammany Hall, Performers, SM AND ASM


Casting Call - Tammany Hall, Performers, SM AND ASM

CATEGORY: Performer

SoHo Playhouse
New York, NY 10013


Britt Lafield

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SoHo Playhouse, New York

Created by Darren Lee Cole

Written & Directed by Darren Lee Cole & Alexander Wright


TAMMANY HALL is a brand new piece of narrative-led immersive work to be conceived and staged across all four floors of SoHo Playhouse’s historic building at 15 Vandam Street in New York City. Centered around the New York Mayoral election on the 2nd of November 1929, Tamanny Hall invites an audience into a world full of corruption, fierce competition and heartless betrayal three weeks after the zenith of the 1920s boom came crumbling down with the famous market crash. As a multi-narrative show, the audience will journey through the building over a real-time 90-minute narrative twisting between political machines, undercover investigations, and the glitz and glamour that defined the era. We are looking for an acting company of 12 (10 principles with 2 swing understudies) to originate the show with.  All roles require strong scripted and improvisational ability, the bravery to work in close proximity with an audience, the capacity to hit stunning set pieces and control beautiful small-scale moments.

Actors from the global majority are actively encouraged to apply for all roles.

Auditions will be held Thursday, August 12th from 1-5 PM & 6-8 PM, Friday, August 13th from 10 AM- 5 PM, and Saturday, August 14th from 10 AM- 2 PM. Please specify which date you are available in your cover letter/email.


All acting company will be on most favored nations contracts and will be expected to join the company from origination (Sept 27) and commit through the initial run of the show (Jan 9).


BEAU JAMES WALKER / Male identifying / Playing age 40s-50s

The iconic dandy mayor of New York, the nattiest dresser, and the face of the city. A wordsmith, a charmer, and a sometime back-room jazz bar crooner. Walker is up for re-election. Is in an extra-marital relationship with Betty Compton.

Required to sing.


BETTY COMPTON / Female identifying / Playing age 30s

A member of the Ziegfeld Follies and an up-and-coming Broadway showgirl and star who’s new production is opening in the theatre the night after the election. She is ambitious and a talented artist. She is having an affair with James Walker.

Required to sing and dance. The ability to play an instrument is desirable.


FIORELLO LaGUARDIA (The Little Flower) / Male identifying / Playing age 30s-40s

A tireless and vocal politician campaigning for the mayorship against Walker. A principled and energetic opponent who believes in ridding the city of its ties with corruption and organized crime.


OLVANY / Male identifying / Playing age 50s-60s

The Big Boss of Tammany Hall, the political machine which controls the city, and James Walker. He is the first Tammany Hall leader to have received a college education and a New York General Sessions Court judge. He is corrupt.


KIKI / Female identifying  / Playing age 20s-30s

A politically progressive thinker and new-found activist. A showgirl in Betty Compton’s new production and in a relationship with Legs Diamond. She is fierce and unafraid to stand her ground both practically and on principle.

Required to dance and sing. The ability to play piano and/or another instrument is very desirable.


LEGS / Any gender / Playing age 30s

A classic mob insider with strong links to organized crime and close to crime boss of bosses, Arnold Rothstein. In a relationship with Kiki and under pressure from both Rothstein and Tammany Hall, as well and mounting pressure from Kiki. Legs should be able to be fierce, intimidating, and quick to action as well a very vulnerable and conflicted. 

Ability to sing and play desirable.


VALENTINE / Any gender / Any playing age

An undercover police agent working to rout out illegal practices in Tammany Hall. They are ambitious, quick thinking, and able to strike up a solid rapport with audience. They will run a series of missions and investigations leading to the downfall of Tammany Hall.


KRESEL / Any gender / Any playing age

An undercover operative from the fledging Seabury Commission which will, eventually, bring down Tammany Hall. Their aim is to gather intelligence and discover factual misdeeds within Tammany Hall. They will work hand in hand with audience to gather information and cross-question in secret across the show.


CURRY (Actor & ASM) / Any Gender / Playing age under 50s

An up-and-coming Tammany Hall member pegged to take over from Olvany as Boss. They are central to the inner wheeling and dealing of Tammany Hall, and its day-to-day corruption. Their job tonight is to raise ‘investment’ dollars for Betty Compton’s new show in order that all dirty money can be washed.

This role will double as an Assistant Stage Manager in the production.


SMARTY (Actor & MD) / Female identifying / Any playing age

The musical director and on-stage musician of Betty Compton’s new show. They are deep into Broadway and Follies tradition and exist in a glamorous and riotous world. They are friends and colleagues of Betty & Kiki and perhaps a denizen of the speakeasy culture.

This role will also function as Musical Director for the live music in the piece, therefore an ability to play and sing is a must. An ability to dance is also key.




Please note we will also be casting one male-identifying and one female-identifying understudy to cover/swing for all the above roles.

Also seeking experienced Stage Managers and Assistant Stage Managers to be available from Sept. 20- Jan 19. 

Please submit resumes and cover letters to the email address provided.


September 27, 2021 - January 9, 2022





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