Director for Pre-Recorded Version of "Willmar"


Director for Pre-Recorded Version of "Willmar"

CATEGORY: Directorial

The Neighborhood Theatre Project
Brooklyn, NY 11222

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About NTP and The Willmar Project:

The Neighborhood Theatre Project is a New York City based not-for-profit theatre company committed to creating opportunities for dialogue around life and community in our current time. We aim to make this happen by creating original verbatim theatre through a process rooted in interviews and conversations. 

In July of 2017, the NTP core company members and original directing team traveled to Willmar, Minnesota and spent two weeks meeting members of the community and conducting interviews. The interview process was constructed to discover the stories of Willmar through the words of the people who live there. Following this initial visit to Willmar, NTP traveled back to NYC and began the process of crafting Willmar, a verbatim script out of the over 150 hours of interviews conducted. Over a span of three years, we have collaborated with our script creation and dramaturgical team, actors, directors, and production team to craft and workshop the piece. Willmar explores themes of communication across difference and what is at stake; stories shared in the piece touch on topics such as race, religion, immigration, the changing landscape of the downtown, drug addiction, community healing, and friendship, among many others.  

Due to COVID-19, our plans to return to Willmar in 2020 to present a staged reading of Willmar, accompanied by a panel discussion and dialogue with participants and audience members, came to a halt. We postponed our trip and watched weeks turn into months. During this time, we worked with our script creation and dramaturgical team to further develop the script, ultimately deciding to produce Willmar as a pre-recorded piece rather than a staged play.

We are currently seeking a theatre and/or film Director to collaborate with the NTP core company in imagining and creating this pre-recorded version of Willmar. We are seeking a Director who is passionate about working with a theatrical script made from real interviews and conversations, and re-envisioning this script in a recorded medium. In it’s finished form, we plan to share the piece with participants and community members in Willmar in the Fall of 2021 (timeline subject to change). Our hope is to partner with participants in Willmar to facilitate a dialogue about the piece and to reflect on these stories in today’s world. Candidates for the position of Director do not need to be based in New York. 

  • Key Duties & Responsibilities: 

    Direct and collaborate on the vision and creation of a pre-recorded version of the original verbatim play, Willmar

  • Work with NTP core company to create a casting break-down and assist in hiring actors  

  • Lead a cast through virtual and possible in-person rehearsals (min. cast size of 10 / max. cast size of 60) 

  • Attend Willmar Project artistic, planning and production meetings with NTP core company

  • Collaborate with artistic team through the editing process of Willmar      

  • Essential Qualifications:

    Commitment to a working environment that centers diversity, inclusion, equity, accessibility, and collaboration  

  • Experience as a director in theatre and/or film

  • Experience, knowledge and/or passion for directing verbatim theatre, interview-based theatre, and/or docudrama

  • Knowledge and/or background in East African, Latinx, and/or Muslim culture 

  • Passion for and experience in collaborating with a team on creating original work  

  • Experience working with Google Drive 

  • Passion for and interest in NTP’s mission and The Willmar Project 

  • Preferred Qualifications:

    Experience, knowledge and/or passion for pre-recorded video direction and creation 

  • Experience directing via online video platforms (some or most of our rehearsal process may need to be conducted remotely on Zoom or other video applications)

  • Knowledge and experience in cinematography and video production

  • Knowledge and experience in community engagement and/or applied theatre 

  • Midwest native, specifically Minnesota

  • Experience and/or knowledge of Minnesota theatre and/or film community

  • Proficiency in Spanish and/or East African languages

Key Dates: We are accepting applications for this position on a rolling basis through Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021. Interviews will take place during this time. This position will begin on or around August 9th and run through October 2021, with a varied schedule based on stage of production. Schedule during this time is flexible and we will work to accommodate varying needs. 

Preferred method of application is via the GoogleForms Link below -- If you are unable to submit materials through that link please submit resume and cover letter via email.


August 9, 2021 - October 29, 2021





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