Veteran PTSD/Suicide Awareness Music Video


Veteran PTSD/Suicide Awareness Music Video

CATEGORY: Performer

Pena Productions in Association with Dorval Productions
Harrison, NJ 07029


Amanda Cohen

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Hello Community!


I am a theater director/ service dog trainer and fiance to an Afghanistan Veteran. I am in search of Veterans, videographers, as well as performers of all kinds for an upcoming PTSD and veteran suicide awareness piece, in the form of a music video!


All film shooting will take place in NJ/NYC this spring!


Email me if you are interested in getting involved! We will need all the volunteers we can get!




Featured Roles: 


Wife- (African American, ages 50-65)- A caring and supportive woman to her husband, an Army veteran suffering PTSD


Connor- early 20’s- late 20’s. Caucasian. Marine infantry veteran. Recently returned from deployment. Suffering severe trauma. Currently turning to alcohol and suicidal thoughts to chase away recurring nightmarish images. Angry and at times violent. Seeks help from a veteran brotherhood group by the end of the video. MUST have stage/screen combat experience. MUST be comfortable with graphic images of suicide. MUST be comfortable acting in tandem with an ESA dog, who will be playing the role of his companion.


‘Sarah’ and ‘Sarah’s Anxiety’- mid 20’s to early 30’s. Any ethnicity/ body type. Navy veteran. Currently suffering from anxiety related to her time in service and her queer self- identity. Has not come out to her military family yet. NOTE: THIS ROLE MUST BE PLAYED BY IDENTICAL TWINS!


Man in Bar- Connor gets into an altercation at a bar after a night of drinking. Must have stage/screen combat experience.


Featured Roles will be offered a travel/food stipend if they do not live in the tristate area! If you are going to be flying to the tri state area for shooting I will buy you your plane ticket. If you live in the tri state area, you will be fed each day of shooting!




Family Members- African American family to a Desert Storm Veteran lead. Ages 0-80. All arriving at a barbecue at the veteran’s house. Children that are cast MUST be accompanied by at least one parent on days of shooting.


Bar Night Patrons- well dressed, having-fun crowd where Connor’s fight breaks out. MUST be at least 21 years old.


Veterans- Veterans attending a ‘brotherhood‘ meeting in a high school gym, where the leads culminate at the end of the music video and meet each other for the first time. All types welcomed! Special consideration for actors with a physical disability!



Extras will be fed each day of filming. Extras MUST live in the NJ/NYC area OR be willing to travel. Extras will only be asked to volunteer 1-3 days of shooting. 


If you are an interested ACTOR, please email me a recent headshot, your stats, and any clips to work you have done! In the email heading, please include your name and the role/s you are interested in! All auditions will take place remotely over zoom.


Thank you again world you are the BEST!!!


Amanda Cohen 

Director, Educator, Advocate





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