Executive Director

Executive Director

CATEGORY: Administrative

Richmond Civic Theatre
Richmond, IN 47374

Job Details


Richmond Civic Theatre seeks a dynamic advocate and relationship builder to serve as the next Executive Director of our theatre. For 80 years, RCT has been the artistic center of our community, staging over 500 volunteer-produced shows.  We are a multi-faceted organization producing a Main Stage series, youth theatre, thought-provoking drama, and radio theatre.  We serve our community with programs that engage with more than 500 volunteers annually, as well as thousands of audience members and more than 3,000 students.  In 2018, we were named the American Association of Community Theatre’s Diamond Crown Honoree.

RCT is looking for an Executive Director who will help guide the organization to the next level. Primary responsibilities include:

·       Developing relationships with sponsors, donors, and members and cultivating financial support for the theatre

·       Promoting the mission and vision of RCT to the regional community

·       Supervising paid staff

·       Promoting the artistic work of our volunteers


Energize our community to be a thriving center for artistic culture and experiences.


Creating live community theatre experiences that engage, entertain, educate, and enlighten.


·         Provide a climate of inclusiveness and belonging

·         Foster an environment of learning and sharing

·         Utilize local talents, skills, and resources to the fullest

·         Create positive and enjoyable experiences

·         Evoke meaningful conversations

Qualifications include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in theatre management or nonprofit management, or experience deemed equivalent
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • High-level proficiency in computer operation, bookkeeping, word processing, and necessary software
  • An understanding of basic accounting principles and budgeting
  • Physical ability for periods of sitting, walking, climbing stairs, climbing ladders, and lifting up to 25 pounds


Qualified candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to RCT’s personnel committee via email: personnel@goRCT.org.

Detailed job description:

Job Summary

The Richmond Civic Theatre Executive Director reports to the RCT Board of Directors. The ED is primarily responsible for guiding the Board of Directors in efforts to develop relationships with sponsors, donors, and members; cultivate financial support for the theatre; fulfill the mission and vision of RCT; and support the artistic work of our volunteers. The ED supervises paid staff. The President of the Board of Directors will act as the primary contact for the ED.


1.              Development

a.         Works with Fundraising Committee to create a development plan, then leads implementation of plan collaboratively with the Board, Committees, and staff. Development plan could include program advertisements, cultivation and retention of donors and sponsors, securing grant funding, and stewardship efforts for all contributors.

b.         Works with relevant committees to create a plan for increasing membership in the organization. Implements plan for such efforts. 

2.              Community Relations and Marketing

a.         Works with Marketing Committee to create a robust marketing plan then leads implementation of plan collaboratively with the Board, Committees, and staff. Marketing plan could include local events, advertising, press releases, online presence, and general public relations.

b.         Represents RCT in the community, remaining courteous, tactful, and professional in all business relationships. Maintains a respectful, inclusive, and appropriate public persona at all times.

3.              Committee and Volunteer Support

a.         Collaborates in, supports, and facilitates the work of all committees in a way that artistically empowers the volunteers.

b.         Facilitates communication between committees; sits on Fundraising, Marketing, and Finance Committees and others as needed.

c.          Works with the Director of Volunteers to ensure positive relationships and experiences for volunteers, seeking to celebrate and acknowledge their work when possible.

d.         Assists committee chairs as needed to fulfill mission and vision of RCT.

e.         Monitors implementation and compliance with RCT policies, including ensuring safety and training programs for volunteers and staff.

4.              Productions

a.         Advises volunteers in making artistic choices consistent with the vision and mission and values of RCT, with an eye to target market, budget, and strategic plan.

b.         Negotiates show royalties and secures contracts for productions.

5.              Interpersonal Responsibilities

    1. Leads RCT through strategic planning as necessary and then leads implementation of strategic plan with Board, committees, staff and volunteers in a timely manner.
    2. Maintains communication with the Board and its committees and keeps them informed. Uses best practices with regards to board member relationships.
    3. Seeks and pursues professional development opportunities in the fields of both theatre and non-profit management and stays current on trends in both areas.
    4. Supervises and directs Office Manager and Stage One Managing Director.
    5. Evaluates performance of Office Manager and Stage One Managing Director and provides overall control and direction for the personnel function of RCT with the guidance of the Personnel Committee.
    6. Works collaboratively with all staff and volunteers to achieve the mission and vision of RCT.

6.              Finance

a.         Works with Finance Committee to develop annual budget.

b.         Supervises the Office Manager in the completion of regular bookkeeping tasks and routine financial reports.

c.          Works closely with Finance Committee and RCT’s accountants and in the preparation of any and all necessary returns, reports, and audits.

d.         Works with volunteers and staff to ensure the organization stays within budget constraints each year.

7.              Facilities and Equipment

a.         Works with VP of Ops to ensure proper maintenance and management of RCT facilities and grounds.

b.         Ensures compliance with use and safety policies adopted by the Board, including any necessary training thereof.

8.              Other duties as assigned

a.       This is a newly revised position and we expect the Executive Director and Personnel Committee to collaborate on further definition and/or revision of responsibilities as needed.



Work Conditions

·        Office setting at Richmond Civic Theatre in Richmond, Indiana

·        Weekends as needed during season



Richmond Civic Theatre is an equal opportunity employer.


December 1, 2020 -





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