Featured Performer (Music Video "Never Leave the Basement")


Featured Performer (Music Video "Never Leave the Basement")


Nadia Vaeh, LLC
Studio City, CA 91604


Nadia Vaeh

Job Details


We are needing individuals to perform as part of a lyric music video for the song "Never Leave the Basement" by Nadia Vaeh (You can listen to the song at https://smarturl.it/NLTB).  This is not a paid job.  

The video will be comprised primarily of video clips of people vibing/moving/dancing/performing to the song. You have tremendous creative freedom on how you record your video clip while listening to the song. Record yourself at home, in your backyard, in a park, hiding in a basement, or basically anywhere you can do it safely and feel creative. If you are a dancer then dance to the beat of the song. If you are an actor then interpret the song and showcase your talent. If you singer then lip-sync and have fun. Combine all of these and we will be impressed!

Technical requirements:
- You can use any video equipment you have including your cell phones. We recommend cell phones as their video quality is very high, especially in MP4 mode.
- Many phones use MP4 for videos and this is ideal. You can also use HD or 1080 P
- If you can give us a performance as a Horizontal and one as Vertical video that would be ideal. We need video clips in both formats to use throughout the video. The more choices we get the better.
- Submitting the file: You can submit the file in several ways: 1) you can email the file to mgmt@nadiavaeh.com (if file is too large then... 2) You can wetransfer the file. Wetransfer.com is free and allows you to send us a large file for download. You can use mgmt@nadiavaeh.com for the target email.... or 3) You can drag/drop your file(s) onto a shared drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GQL839OeGLZYyCsUhUBvWg11O9vlG__F?usp=sharing
- You can submit multiple files if you like.. the more to choose from!
- When submitting your files please tell us your name, your stage name, your email and your social media handles (@yourname) so we can tag you when the video is finished. This is important to use as we want to get to know you too and get you the credit you deserve.
- If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via the backstage messenger or direct to mgmt@nadiavaeh.com

Quote from Nadia Vaeh:
"The first lyric of the song "Advertisements scroll like pavement, max us out like credit cards, don't pay them." This was inspired out of the frustration with social media and the entertainment industry being so irresponsible. A lot of my friends and colleagues are suffering (the pandemic only placed a magnifying glass on this) and much of that has to do with how we are inundated with billboards and ADs everywhere telling us how to be happy or look. It can really create such a feeling of lack for so many, including myself. Too many people are underpaid and living off of credit and kindness in a world that demands more, better, prettier, faster, etc.

Some of you might be relating to the above sentiments...the struggle is real. In a world that's gone nearly completely online before our eyes...so much has changed forever. It's from these changes that we learn how to build what actually is REAL.

I hope this song lifts your spirits up with whatever you might be working through in these crazy times. It's for you!!!"


March 31, 2021 - April 20, 2021



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