Guitar Quartet needed for composition performance/recording!


Guitar Quartet needed for composition performance/recording!

CATEGORY: Musician

Noah Wood
New York, NY 10032

Job Details


Hello! I'm looking for a guitar quartet to play my composition and we will have it recorded in a studio, or a space where one can bring equipment to record.

The piece is aproximately 6:30 long and it's intermediate difficulty, the only slightly technically challenging aspect to the piece is making sure all the rhythms fit together, but otherwise I doubt it will be a hard undertaking for any competent ensemble!

It's relevatively tonal as well, though I do have other pieces that are more edgy in that way.

I'm hoping to pay $1000 for the job as this is totally self funded. If you have a regular recording/(quiet enough to record) rehearsal space we can use, I may be able to pay you more if I can save on the budget for a recording space. Looking to have this come together hopefully by the end of summer, but there is no strict deadline!


June 5, 2021 - September 30, 2021





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