Lizard Tongue Men (YouTube TV Channel)


Lizard Tongue Men (YouTube TV Channel)

CATEGORY: Performer

Lizard Creative Productions
New York, NY 10036

Job Details


Casting "Lizard Tongue Men," a live streaming, weekly Saturday night ZOOM show. Producer Anthony Joseph states: "We prefer talent with a good following on social media, either IG or Facebook, that can guarantee an audience to view the show. We are looking for all types of talented guys with very long tongues similar to Gene Simmons. If you can curl or twist your tongue, touch your nose or chin with your tongue, roll it around, make it extend past your nose or chin, move it around very fast, we need you!

Each actor will talk for approximately 10-15 minutes about a time or a specific situation that made them realize they had this skill. This is a non scripted show. Each actor will have to write their own specific personal piece. You may be as explicit as you like since this show will attract a mature audience. All auditions and shows are done remotely via zoom." The show live streamed last summer 2020 with 16 guys ages 23-50. We are casting new talent for this summer season 2021. The show will air beginning June and run until August depending on the number of performers we schedule to fill the slots.

All interested please submit a recent photo or headshot, along with a photo of your unique tongue!

You can look at the YouTube channel by going to:


June 5, 2021 - August 7, 2021







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