Milwaukee Repertory Theater 2021-22 Season - Equity Video Submissions (Deadline 04.21.21)


Milwaukee Repertory Theater 2021-22 Season - Equity Video Submissions (Deadline 04.21.21)

CATEGORY: Performer

Milwaukee Repertory Theater
Milwaukee, WI

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LORT Non-Rep
WEEKLY MINIMUMS: A Christmas Carol: $1161; Steel Magnolias, Toni Stone:$969; As You Like It, Titanic, Murder on the Orient Express: $1008; Dad's Season Tickets: $717; All others: $739

Laura Braza, Artistic Producer (viewing auditions)

See breakdown for production-specific personnel.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Equity actors for roles in our 2021-22 season, October 2021-June 2022. (See breakdown.) All roles will be understudied, expect for the roles in MY WAY.


Milwaukee Repertory Theater Roles for 2021-2022 Season (EPAS)

Dad’s Season Tickets (Stackner Cabaret)
by Matt Zembrowski, directed by Ryan Quinn

First Rehearsal: 10/5/21
Tech: 10/26/21
First Preview: 10/29/21
Opening: 10/31/21
No performance: 11/25, 12/24, 12/25, 1/1
Closing: 1/2/21

Frank Kosinski (male, any ethnicity, 61 years old): Patriarch of the Kosinski family. Father of Rhonda, Gabby, and Cordy. Lifelong Packer season-ticket holder and fan. He is unfailingly positive, even in the face of near constant familial strife.

Cordy Kosinski (female, any ethnicity, 17 years old): She is a bright, ambitious high school senior who more often than not finds herself caught between her warring older sisters. Her full name is Cordelia, but she prefers to go by Cordy.

Rhonda Kafura (female, any ethnicity, 37 years old): Frank’s eldest daughter. She is stubborn and opinionated. She prefers hosting and entertaining for her family to actually watching Packers games with them.

Ralph Kafura (male, any ethnicity, 40 years old): Rhonda’s Packer-loving husband. He possesses a bevy of football and Packers knowledge, which becomes an asset to his wife as the story unfolds. He has a lucky jersey he always wears on game day. Always. It gets smellier as the show progresses.

Gabby Nimwitz (female, any ethnicity, 32 years old): Frank’s middle daughter. She is loud and brash, and prides herself on being the family’s biggest Packer fan. She is very pregnant to start the show.

Edgar Nimwitz (male, any ethnicity, 35 years old): Gabby’s husband. He is mild-mannered and studious, very much the antithesis of his wife. He is an adjunct English professor at UWGB, and harbors a dark secret.

Steel Magnolias (Quadracci Powerhouse Theater)
by Robert Harling, directed by Laura Braza

First Rehearsal: 10/12/21
Tech: 11/3/21
First Preview: 11/9/21
Opening: 11/12/21
No performance: 11/25
Extra Show: 11/10 mat, 12/1 mat
Closing: 12/5/21

Truvy Jones (female, any ethnicity, 40ish): owner of the beauty shop.

Annelle Dupuy-Desoto (female, any ethnicity, 19): beauty shop assistant.

Clairee Belcher (female, any ethnicity, 66ish): Widow of former mayor. Grande dame.

Shelby Eatenton-Lacherie (female, any ethnicity, 25): M’Lynn’s daughter. Preparing for her wedding at opening of play.

M’Lynn Eatenton (female, any ethnicity, 50ish): Shelby’s mother. Socially prominent career woman. Ouiser Boudreaux (female, any ethnicity, 66ish): Wealthy curmudgeon. Acerbic but lovable.

A Christmas Carol (Pabst Theater)
adapted from Charles Dickens' text by Mark Clements, directed by Mark Clements

First Rehearsal: 11/2/21
Tech: 11/23/21
No rehearsal: 11/25/21
First Preview: 11/30/21
Opening: 12/3/21
Extra Show: 12/1 mat, 12/7 mat, 12/15 mat
Closing: 12/24/21

Versatile and diverse actors to play multiple male and female characters aged 18-50, including: Fred (20s, male, any ethnicity) – Scrooge’s cousin
Belle (20s, female, any ethnicity) – Scrooge’s lost love

Toni Stone (Quadracci Powerhouse Theater)
by Lydia Diamond, directed by Tinashe Kajese-Bolden, choreographed by Ameenah Kaplan

First Rehearsal: 12/7/21
Monday rehearsal:12/20, 12/27
No rehearsal: 12/25, 1/1
Tech: 12/28/21
First Preview: 1/4/22
Opening: 1/7/22
Extra Show: 1/26 mat
Closing: 1/30/22

TONI STONE (female, Black, late 20s to late 30s) - Star player of the Negro Baseball Leagues for nearly a dozen years. Based on a historical figure. Highly personable, athletic, and charismatic. Toni wants to be treated as equal to her male counterparts but is comfortable in her own skin. She demands respect but shuns the idea of receiving special treatment. A person with integrity, grit, and strong comedic chops. Athletic, strong, physical, agile mover. Open to a variety of physical types. This looks good!

ENSEMBLE CHARACTERS BELOW (male, Black, various ages and body types) - Eight players on the Indianapolis Clowns, a Negro League baseball team. All are athletic, strong, physical, agile movers. Each actor in the ensemble doubles, playing various characters.

Ensemble/ALBERGA (“a young and sexy 63”) - A Jamaican businessman and Toni’s eventual husband. In love with Toni’s mind and drawn to her energy. Suave, cocky, and charismatic.

Ensemble/MILLIE: (mid 30s to late 40s) - Toni’s female confidant. A lady of Madame Mamie’s Gentleman’s Club. Excellent actor who has great comedic timing.

Ensemble/SPEC (mid 20s to late 30s; Open to a variety of physical body types) - The smartest member of the team. Professorial. While he is a great baseball player, Spec is probably better suited to become a doctor or a lawyer, but he was raised to love the game.

Ensemble/KING (early 30s to early 40s; Open to a variety of physical body types) - The celebrity of the team, King has baseball in his blood. Looking for his next opportunity to join the major leagues and tries not to give up on himself. Has a stern sense of humor.

Ensemble/WOODY (mid 20s to mid 30s) - A Casanova that sometimes fails to arouse. Always looking to poke fun at someone or something. He thinks he is the best left-handed pitcher in the league.

Ensemble/STRETCH (mid 20s to mid 30s, Open to a variety of physical body types) - Catcher, team manager, and coach of the Indianapolis Clowns. Stretch is the most talented catcher in the Negro League. Understands his team’s strengths and weaknesses. Organized, plays hard, and perhaps drinks a little.

Ensemble/ELZIE (mid 30s to mid 40s) - A tough talking member of the Indianapolis Clowns whose swagger and macho mannerisms often cover up his closeted sexuality.

Ensemble/JIMMY (mid 20s to mid 30s, Open to a variety of physical body types) - Newest addition to the Indianapolis Clowns. Plays fast and hard, but not smart. A bit timid and slower than the rest, yet everyone knows his value on the team.

My Way (Stackner Cabaret)
by Todd Olsen and David Grapes, directed by Kelley Faulkner

First Rehearsal: 2/8/22
Tech: 3/1/22
First Preview: 3/4/22
Opening: 3/6/22
Closing: 5/1/22

Woman #1 (30-50, any ethnicity) “drips with style, sophistication, and class”. Vocally she is a strong mezzo soprano who can also belt. Her vocal style is based on great torch singers like Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne, and Judy Garland. This actress sings through a wide range vocally and must also be a capable part singer. Multi-instrumentalists preferred – if possible, please submit a song with self- accompaniment on an instrument of choice.

Woman #2 (20-35, any ethnicity) is energetic and vivacious. Vocally this character needs to have a smooth liquid big band singer sound. She needs to be a capable part singer. For this role a strong dancer with tap skills would be a big plus. Multi-instrumentalists preferred – if possible, please submit a song with self-accompaniment on an instrument of choice.

As You Like It (Quadracci Powerhouse Theater) adapted by and directed by Daryl Cloran

First Rehearsal: 2/1/22
Tech: 2/9/22
First Preview: 2/15/22
Opening: 2/18/22
Extra Show: 3/2 mat, 3/16 mat
Closing: 3/20/22

Silvius, Forest Lord 3/Keyboard
Phoebe, Eleanor Rigby (Mustachio’s Manager)
Duke Senior, Duke Frederick
Audrey, Assassins’ Mom
Charles the Wrestler, Amiens/Bass
Adam, Martext, Mustachio (wrestler)
Corin, Duke’s Attendant
LeBeau, Hymen, Assassin (wrestler), Forest Lord 1/Guitar William, 2nd Brother, Assassin (wrestler), Forest Lord 2/Drums

New Age (Stiemke Studio)
by Dael Orlandersmith (world premiere), directed by Jade King Carroll

First Rehearsal: 2/15/22
Tech: 3/16/22
First Preview: 3/22/22
Opening: 3/25/22
Extra Show: 3/30 mat
Closing: 5/1/22

Cass (late 60s-70, white) Dressed well, striking, unconventional.

Lisette (80, Black) A writer; very independent – present, sure of herself.

Candy (45, white) Attractive, funny, campy/over the top.

Liberty (18, mixed race) A rocker with the determination needed of a professional musician. Needs to play guitar.

Titanic (Ensemble Version) (Quadracci Powerhouse Theater)
book by Peter Stone and music/lyrics by Maury Yeston, with orchestrations by Josh Clayton, directed by Mark Clements, choreographed by Jenn Rose, music direction by Dan Kazemi

First Rehearsal: 3/8/22
Sitzprobe: 3/27/22
Tech: 3/29/22
First Preview: 4/5/22
Opening: 4/9/24
Extra Show: 4/27 mat, 5/4 mat
Closing: 5/15/22

Character ages are listed when historical age of character is known. Character breakdown by role matches what is written in Ensemble version script.

Actor 1 (any ethnicity) - Andrews (Designer and Builder) (late 30s)

Actor 3 (any ethnicity) - Bride (Radioman), Bell (Chief Engineer), 3rd-Class Passenger, Hartley (Bandmaster), 1st Class Passenger

Actor 4 (any ethnicity) - Fleet (Lookout), Carlson (American- misses the ship), Stoker, 1st-Class Passenger, 3rd-Class Passenger, Lead Dancer

Actor 5 (any ethnicity) - Captain E.J. Smith

Actor 7 (any ethnicity) - Charles Clark (2nd class) (young, British, and middle class), 1st-Class Passenger

Actor 9 (any ethnicity) - Quartermaster Hitchens, a Cornishman (23 years old), Isidor Straus (late 60s), 3rd-Class Passenger

Actor 10 (any ethnicity) - Jim Farrell (3rd class, a handsome Irishman), Stoker, 1st-Class Passenger

Actor 12 (any ethnicity) - First Officer Murdoch, a Scotsman (39 years old), Bass Player

Actor 13 (any ethnicity) - Lightoller (Second Officer) (38 years old), 3rd-Class Passenger

Actor 14 (any ethnicity) - Bellboy, 3rd-Class Passenger

Actor 16 (any ethnicity) - Caroline Neville (young, British, aristocratic), Stewardess, 1st-Class Passenger

Actor 18 (any ethnicity) - Kate Murphey (young Irish girl), Stewardess, 1st-Class Passenger, Lead Dancer

Actor 19 (any ethnicity) - Kate Mullins (young Irish girl), Stewardess, 1st-Class Passenger

Murder on the Orient Express (Quadracci Powerhouse Theater)
adapted from Agatha Christie's text by Ken Ludwig, directed by Marti Lyons

First Rehearsal: 5/3/22
Tech: 5/24/22
First Preview: 5/31/22
Opening: 6/3/22
Closing: 7/1/22

Hercule Poirot (male, late 30s to early 50s, Belgian, any ethnicity)- a sharp, instinctive, experienced detective. Analytical and exacting but with a disposition of charm and diligence. As the central figure in solving this mystery, Poirot has a timeless, charismatic, and transcendent quality that piques our interest in his story.

Monsieur Bouc (male, early 40s to early 50s, Belgian, any ethnicity)- an old friend and partner to Poirot, director of the Wagon-Lit Train Company. A keen observer, but not as expert a detective as Poirot. Loud, a bit boisterous, easily fed up with nonsense. Along with Poirot, part of a team that is endearing and compelling to an audience.

Mary Debenham (female, 20 to early 30s, English, any ethnicity)- a governess, Mary is anxious, tightly wound, and hyper aware of her surroundings. Outwardly appears to be unaware, but savvy and street smart underneath her surface appearance. An “English beauty,” with a “sadness, however, around her eyes.”

Hector MacQueen (male, late 20s to late 30s, American, any ethnicity)- secretary to Samuel Ratchett. Son of a New York district attorney, Hector is a busybody and a nervous wreck, but often aims to fade into the background. Gentle of spirit but powerful of character.

Michel the Conductor (male, late 20s to mid 40s, any ethnicity)- conductor of the Orient Express, Michel is helpful, assertive, and versed in navigating the societal formalities of pleasure and professionalism. Doubles as Head Waiter.

Princess Dragomiroff (female, early 60s to mid 70s, Russian, any ethnicity)- Natalya Dragomiroff is a chic, elegant Russian princess with secrets to hide. The Princess is poised and blunt, and she suffers no fools. Keeps an exceptional poker face and manipulates others with her sharp, commanding tone.

Greta Ohlsson (female, late 20s to mid-30s, Swedish, any ethnicity)- a missionary with a “frightened, sheep-like quality about her” who frequently references her modest means. Easily moved to emotional outbursts, Greta speaks often of her benevolent tendencies, almost to excess. She knows more than she lets on.

Countess Andrenyi (female, late 20s to early 30s, Hungarian, any ethnicity)- beautifully and elegantly adorned, “out of a fairy tale,” Countess Andrenyi projects warmth and poise in order to win over allies and distract from her possible involvement in any wrongdoing. Has basic medical and first aid skills.

Helen Hubbard (female, early 50s to mid 60s, from Minneapolis, any ethnicity)- quintessentially Midwestern, Mrs. Helen Peabody-Wolfson-Van-Pelt-Hubbard is outspoken, “with a touch of flamboyance” and an apparent hankering for younger men. Independent and quick with a retort, Mrs. Hubbard uses her conversational skill as an exquisite diversionary tactic. Larger than life and outlandish—but always authentic—Helen Hubbard can sing and dance surprisingly well.

SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED FROM 9:00 AM CT ON APRIL 20 THRU 6:00 PM CT ON APRIL 21. Submit tapes to Laura Braza, Artistic Producer at For plays: submit a 1-2 minute monologue, contemporary or classical. For musicals: submit a 1 minute monologue and either 32 bars of a song of your choice (for which you'll provide accompaniment) or use the accompaniment/sheet music provided at

Deadline: 04/21/2021





LORT Non-Rep WEEKLY MINIMUMS: A Christmas Carol: $1161; Steel Magnolias, Toni Stone:$969; As You Like It, Titanic, Murder on the Orient Express: $1008; Dad's Season Tickets: $717; All others: $739