Non-Union Actors for Film Adaptation of 'As You Like It'


Non-Union Actors for Film Adaptation of 'As You Like It'

CATEGORY: Performer

Shakespeare in the Woods
Manchester, VT 05255

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In lieu of a live performance season, Shakespeare in the Woods (SitW) is mounting a non-union, low-budget film adaptation of As You Like It, shot in the beautiful outdoor spaces within the Green Mountains. This production of Shakespeare’s beloved comedy examines the fluid nature of identity and the ways in which societal constructs affect interpersonal relationships.
Shakespeare in the Woods (SitW) is an unconventional outdoor classical theatre festival in Southern Vermont.

Before submitting, we encourage you to learn more about SitW’s mission statement and creative culture at .

As You Like It Director: K. Paley Company/Producer: Shakespeare in the Woods, Katharine Maness

Seeking: Non-Union actors from New England and the Tri-State Area.

AYLI film dates: 8/16 - 8/22 (8/15 and 8/23 are travel dates)
Filming around the Manchester, VT area in outdoor locations
Housing, transportation to VT, and meals will be covered. We will also provide you with a copy of final footage within 5mo post.

All actors will receive a $125/day stipend for shoot days, though not all actors will be required for all 7 days. Final shoot schedule determining the number of days certain actors are needed is still being finalized.

Rehearsals will take place virtually in the weeks leading up to filming. Please let us know your availability Monday-Friday 6pm-10pm EST for the weeks of July 12th through August 12th.

COVID-19 safety measures will continue to be in effect both on and off set in an effort to be mindful of one another’s safety and comfort levels.

To audition: Please email your submission to with the subject line “AYLI Submission”, that includes a self-tape of a classical monologue that speaks to you (pieces from AYLI are very welcome!), max 3mins in length, your headshot & resume, as well as specific roles you’re interested in being considered for.

*Shakespeare in the Woods celebrates the Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming community. Actors of any and all genders who are comfortable playing cisgender characters are strongly encouraged to audition for desired roles.

Rosalind (Woman*, Open Ethnicity, 18-30 years old): Daughter of Duke Senior. Celia’s cousin and best friend. She is well loved by her community. She falls in love with Orlando just before Duke Frederick banishes her to the Forest. In the forest, Rosalind disguises herself as a boy and teaches Orlando how he should woo her. She is confident, romantic, and clever. As Ganymede, Rosalind explores the gender binary until the line is no longer clear. Rosalind will use she/her pronouns as Rosalind and he/him pronouns as Ganymede.

Celia (Woman*, Open Ethnicity, 18-30 years old): Daughter of Duke Frederick. Rosalind’s cousin and best friend. At the beginning of the story, she is a Princess. When her mother banishes Rosalind into the forest, she decides to go with her and to journey in disguise. The forest suits her and allows her a newfound sense of ease and awareness. She falls in love with Oliver and they marry.

Orlando (Man*, Open Ethnicity, 18-30 years old): Third son of Sir Rowland de Boys. He is bright and skilled despite having been deprived of a proper upbringing. In love with Rosalind and comfortable with the blurred lines of sexuality and gender in his relationship with Ganymede. Orlando begins with a rebellious fury and, through the trials of the forest, grows patient and nurturing toward others.

Oliver (Man*, Open Ethnicity, 22-32 years old): First born son of Sir Rowland de Boys. He is jealous and loathsome of Orlando for being well-rounded despite having deprived him of a proper upbringing. He vows to hunt Orlando down for Duke Frederick to hunt him down and experiences a change of heart when Orlando saves his life. He then falls in love with Celia and they marry.

Touchstone (Any Gender*, Open Ethnicity, 25-60 years old) : Touchstone’s pronouns will be dependent on the actor who is cast in the role. Touchstone is a witty fool. Lives to entertain himself and others. Touchstone feigns the role of a gentleman in order to woo Audrey. Touchstone can find the joy and humor in anything. Clowning ability a plus.

Audrey (Woman*, Open Ethnicity, 18-40 years old) Any gender to play a woman: A milkmaid. She’s honest, gullible, and admittedly foul. Falls in love with Touchstone. Audrey believes she will become a woman of the world once they marry. She has lived her whole life in the forest.

Silvius (Man*, Open Ethnicity, 18-30 years old): Any gender to play a man. A young shepherd who is in love with Phoebe and incessantly woos her. Poetic in nature. He is sensitive and passionate, if not a little obsessive.

Phoebe (Woman*, Open Ethnicity, 18-30 years old): Falls in love with Rosalind dressed as Ganymede. At first, she entreats Silvius to leave her alone and then employs him in her communication with Ganymede. Phoebe is blunt, sharp, and rational.

Corin (Man*, Open Ethnicity, 40-70 years old): An old shepherd and acquaintance of Silvius. He works for Celia after she purchases property in the forest. What he may lack in societal manner he makes up for in simple wisdom.

Adam (Woman*, Open Ethnicity, 60-90 years old): She has worked for Oliver and Orlando’s family since before both of them were born. While she may not be as fit as she was in her fifties, she is protective and accompanies Orlando into the forest.

Duke Senior (Woman*, Open Ethnicity, 45-70 years old): At the beginning of the story, she is displaced from her Dukedom by her younger sister, who then banished her into the Forest of Arden. Aside from teasing Jacques, Duke Senior is benevolent and generous.

Duke Frederick (Woman*, Open Ethnicity, 40-65 years old): The younger sister of Duke Senior. She assumes control of the land and banishes her sister just before the story begins.

Monsieur Le Beau (Man*, Open Ethnicity, 25-50 years old): In charge of the Duke’s court. He warns Orlando of the Duke’s distaste for him.

Amiens (Woman*, Open Ethnicity, 30-60 years old): A Lord who accompanies Duke Senior into the woods. She is a life-long companion and a very talented musician. Music ability a must. Note: the actor who plays Amiens will also be responsible for composing melodies for Shakespeare’s lyrics for additional compensation. Actors with a background in songwriting/composition and who play musical instruments are strongly encouraged to audition. Please submit a short example of composition work along with submission.

William (Any Gender*, Open Ethnicity, 30-60 years old): Another Lord who accompanies Duke Senior into the forest. William delights in hunting for Duke Frederick in the woods. William joins Amiens in providing some musical entertainment in the forest. Musical ability a plus.

Charles (Man*, Open Ethnicity, 20-40 years old): A wrestler employed by the court: Very intimidating in stature. Extremely confident in his abilities to injure any opponent. Actors with a background in stage combat are strongly encouraged to audition.


August 15, 2021 - August 23, 2021





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