Now Hiring: Production Manager/Line Producer, The Bushwick Starr


Now Hiring: Production Manager/Line Producer, The Bushwick Starr

CATEGORY: Technical

The Bushwick Starr
Brooklyn, NY 11237

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The Bushwick Starr is an Obie Award winning not-for-profit theater that presents an annual season of new performance works. We are an organization defined by both our artists and our community, and since 2007, we have grown into a thriving theatrical venue, a vital neighborhood arts center, and a destination for exciting and engaging performance. We provide a springboard for emerging artists to make career-defining leaps, and we are a sanctuary where established artists come to experiment and innovate. We are also a neighborhood playhouse, serving our Bushwick, Brooklyn community's diverse artistic needs and impulses. We produce approximately 5 main stage shows per season, in addition to several education programs, community / special events, and development opportunities such as our new play Reading Series and artist residencies. 

We want to acknowledge that the Starr is an organization that has historically been run by an executive team of white, cisgendered people. As we grow we continue to envision a future leadership team and model that reflects the 21st century world we live in and serves our local and national community. We are currently not only defining where we have been, but also envisioning where we want to go.

The Bushwick Starr is committed to continuing its implementation of anti-racism and anti-oppression practices and training for all staff and board members. Two years ago we created our Code of Community: a living document on our website that details the codes by which all who pass through our doors will be treated and expected to treat others.

The Production Manager/Line Producer (PM/LP) is a unique hybrid position combining the responsibilities of both roles. While there is some overlap between these two positions, they also require different skill sets. We’re looking for someone who feels confident working in both modes and who feels they can manage the workflow along with an associate position and in collaboration with our Managing Director, Artistic Director, and Technical Director. Due to the unique approach of this hybrid position, we expect to hone the scope and responsibilities together over time, but are looking for an individual with strong skills in both areas as a starting base. To support the multi-faceted scope of this position, the Starr will be hiring an Associate PM/LP next Season to work under this position and share the responsibilities. For our current 2021-22 Season, the focus of this position will be on PM’ing the shows and coordinating future projects— independent Line Producers will be hired for each show in order to properly onboard and develop the PM/LP position. The Associate PM/LP job scope will be developed and refined in partnership with this position.

Production Manager Responsibilities

PM’ing each show:

  • Tracking and advising on project Budgets with Technical Director (TD), Managing Director (MD) and lead artists.

  • Crafting production schedules with TD (ie., load in and tech in collaboration with Stage Manager).

  • Schedule and run production meetings.

  • Lead conversations with designers and TD to try to anticipate the logistics of the project.

  • Purchasing, receipt tracking, and reporting to MD with assistance from the Asst. PM/LP.

  • Working with MD to track project Budgets and reconcile at the end of projects.

  • Reporting any financial issues that arise during the production process to the MD.

  • Working with Company Manager and MD on hiring and managing crew, including scheduling, mediating interpersonal issues, and ensuring physical and emotional safety on the job.

  • Maintaining COVID safety protocols for production activities.

  • Tracking and processing payroll for all hourly crew with help from the Asst. PM/LP.

  • Responsible for all booking and onboarding, and performance tracking of crew in dialogue with TD with assistance from the Asst. PM/LP.

  • Organizing, tracking, and sharing to-do lists in collaboration with TD to determine order of operations for all departments.

  • Scheduling post mortem for each Season project. 


  • Oversee the Asst. PM/LP’s facility responsibilities with regular check-ins.

  • Update / maintain facility rider, including rules and inventory.


  • Planning and tracking production of all events, including gala, Summer Arts Festival, and Readings.  


  • Manage schedules, serve as an HR resource, and provide scheduled trainings.


  • Help develop the Starr’s new Fellowship program with TD, ATD, and Starr Staff. 


Line Producer Responsibilities

  • Creating and developing budgets for Season shows for both the current Season and future shows in development. Review Budgets with MD for overall General Operations coordination. 

  • Communicating and planning with all departments for Season shows (including production, admin, creative, press, and marketing).

  • Engaging in creative problem solving across departments.

  • Communicating and planning with Season partners for Season shows.

  • Creating contracts for creative teams in collaboration with the MD.

  • Working with Starr staff, the Asst. PM/LP, and creative teams to help fill positions needed for projects (ie., casting, stage managers, creative & design roles).

  • With assistance from the Asst. PM/LP, communicating with appropriate unions and executing agreements.

  • Assisting in program creation, ticketing, and comps in collaboration with the Creative Director and with assistance from the Asst. PM/LP.

  • Leading producing responsibilities for touring when opportunities arise.

  • Working with Starr staff to produce fundraising events (1 large Gala, and 1-2 smaller events) as well as one-off events throughout the Season.  

  • Maintaining Starr codes of conduct while planning with creative teams on all projects.  

The Production Manager/Line Producer should:

  • Make decisions through a diplomatic dialogue with other staff and the artistic teams.

  • Take initiative to lead conversations and processes.

  • Work with different personalities and needs.  

  • Manage time efficiently for the production schedule throughout the Starr Season.

  • Maintain a high level of organization and communication.

The Production Manager / Line Producer will be an integral director-level position at The Bushwick Starr, with regular office hours and some nights and weekends required for special events. The Starr is very much an environment of artists/administrators who are passionate about supporting new work, ambitious artists, and our programs & partnerships in Bushwick. Our relatively small size allows us to work closely and collaboratively, and as such, we value transparency, strong communication, and democratic decision-making practices between roles and departments. We are proud to have built a company culture that is flexible, creative, holistic, and embraces individual strengths and voices. Our hope is to find someone like-minded with a passion for helping an organization reach the next level. 

The salary range for the Production Manager / Line Producer is $57K-63K a year, dependent on benefit enrollment (health and retirement). We are interested in candidates who are not historically represented in our field, and encourage applications from under-represented groups as well as individuals who have experience with diverse populations.

To apply please send a cover letter, resume and a list of three references to:

We will be accepting and reviewing applications through October 31, 2021. Interviews will begin the first week of November. Thank you for your time and interest!







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