One House, Open House Virtual Development Series (Still Seeking)


One House, Open House Virtual Development Series (Still Seeking)

CATEGORY: Performer

One House Productions
Seaford, NY 11783

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One House is currently seeking actors to fill roles in it's upcoming development series, "One House, Open House."

The goal is to connect writers in the early stages of project development with actors and other early career professionals so that a creative relationship can be forged from the very beginning of the creative process. We hope to foster a culture of ‘peer dramaturgy,’ in which actors can get involved on the ground level during workshop sessions utilizing Liz Lerman's Critical Response Process (please see attached), and, in many cases, originate new roles in public readings, workshops, films or productions. 

Please submit no more than three (3) taped readings utilizing the attached sides provided by our playwrights by Tuesday,  July 27th, by 9pm for consideration. (please note these are works in progress and some of the characters, character names and synopsis have been updated)

Along with your submission, please include a resume and headshot, as well as your basic availability. If cast, we will do our best to work around  your schedule.   

All rehearsals and performances will be held virtually.


by Andra Hunter

Ballerina Lillian is living in liminal space, caught between a fracturing reality and a dreamscape of suffering. With ghostly guide Jocasta at her side, Lillian dances her way through pain, turmoil, and betrayal to find what it is she can hold onto.


All characters may be played by actors of any race/ethnicity. Please use a diverse cast. 

5 F, 1 M

Lillian Davis-Whitney, F, a ballet dancer. 35-40, pregnant with her first child. 

Nathan Whitney, M, choreographer and her husband, 45-55. AD of Ballet Whitney. A dancer.

Jocasta, F, a ghost, the Greek figure, also a dancer. 

Ione (EYE-on-ee), F, a 14-to-16-year-old girl from ancient Greece

Ammon (AM-on), F, a young woman from ancient Greece, early 20s, Ione’s friend. She is touched with a gift of sight.

Dr. Barry, F, Lillian’s obstetrician, 40s-50s.


Jane, Queen’s Foole

By Barbara Blatner

Based on the very little that is known of the

only documented female Fool (jester) in the English court


JANE FOOLE - English female, a poor country girl, what we might now call “schizophrenic,” drags HER foot when SHE walks; ages 16, 33, 35, 38. Becomes Mary Tudor’s Foole and confidante. “holy Fool,” claims to “see” the future. Wild, inventive, broken, lost, devoted, manic, disassociated, witty, brave, bold.

MARY TUDOR - PRINCESS MARY, then QUEEN MARY 1, daughter of King Henry VIIIand Katherine of Aragon, ages 20, 37, 39, 42. Fights not to succumb to an image of HERSELF as a victim of history.

LUCRECE THE TUMBLER – a female dwarf, bisexual, a Jester/entertainer acrobat, singer and dancer. Even-tempered and emotionally tight to the point of rigidity. Does not understand what love is.

CHESTER - a palace guard, male. Carries a sword. Possessive of MARY. Becomes an enforcer of MARY’s persecution of Protestants and policy of burning “heretics” at the stake.

WILL SOMER – King Henry VIII’s principal Fool. A “holy Fool” like Jane, quick to devise a joke, childlike in other respects, distracted, lost, sunk in daydreaming.



Sock Dream

By Shail Modi

A panel discussion/live talk show type thing.


A - He/She/They — early 20s 

B - He/She/They — early 20s

LADY - She — 40s

Three Our Fathers

By Janine Sadowski

Examines the varying relationships that a deceased father still has with his three daughters.


Rita, early 40s-7 months pregnant-married to John-Sister to Lucy and MaryAnn 

John, early 40s married to Rita

Catherine(formerly Lucy), single, early 30’s-Sister to Rita and MaryAnn 

Abigail, Catherine’s girlfriend-late 20s-spacey into crystals and vibrations and negative/positive energy vibes 

MaryAnn, mid 30s-Sister to Rita and Lucy-conservative

Frank, early 50s-old fashioned-jolly type: MaryAnn’s gentleman friend


The Shade Room

By Kate Schwartz


(A Suburban Revenge Fantasy)

Melissa and Joan, a married couple, move into an affluent, conservative, suburban town.

The snobby PTA mothers (Heather and Amy) act as if they are the couple’s new best

friends, however, they are secretly and mercilessly bullying the couple in a private

Instagram group called “The Shade Room.” When Joan catches one of the mothers in an

adulterous act, she snaps pictures. Melissa and Joan now have the power to take away the

popularity and prestige of The PTA Mean Girls. Will they take the high road, or will they

seek vengeance?

“Revenge proves its own executioner.” –John Ford


MELISSA: Female; late 30s to early 40s; Married to JOAN; HER new neighbors “out” and bully her

JOAN: Female; late 30s to early 40s, Married to MELISSA; Fierce defender of MELISSA and their marriage 

SAMANTHA: Female; mid to late teens; daughter to MELISSA 

HEATHER: Female; mid 30s to early 40s; Head of the PTA; Administrator of The Shade Room; arrogant; smug; “Christian;” secretly insecure 

AMY: Female; mid 30s to early 40s; HEATHER’S best friend; Vice President of PTA; gossip; “Christian;” “mean girl;” Husband thinks SHE’S fat 

MICHAEL: Male; 40s; Husband to Heather; workaholic; impotent


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 

The House is Open – we can’t wait to welcome you in!


Let's Create!


The Open House Team

Bill, Christopher & Deborah


July 30, 2021 - October 27, 2021





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