Perfect World - Equity Video Submissions (Deadline: 10.03.22) | Playbill

Perfect World - Equity Video Submissions (Deadline: 10.03.22)

CATEGORY: Performer

LDK Productions
New York, NY

Job Details



Off Broadway
$800 weekly (Level Two Developmental Staged Reading)

DIRECTOR: Karen Carpenter
MUSIC: Richard Winzeler
LYRICS: Alan Edmunds & Richard Winzeler
BOOK: Alan Edmunds
CASTING DIRECTOR: Stephen DeAngelis (viewing auditions)

First Rehearsal: October 17, 2022
Presentations: October 27th and 28th


Please note an archival video will be captured.

Rehearsals will take place at Pearl Studios.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.

Equity actors for roles in PERFECT WORLD (see breakdown).

This audition is open to actors of all races, ethnicities, gender identities and ages as well as performers with disabilities.

All actors must be fully vaccinated with proof of vaccination. They will be asked to take a PCR test prior to the first rehearsal and may be asked to test at various times during the process.


Please slate your name and song title at the top of your audition.

Please prepare a traditional musical theatre song. You may also use the accompaniment at .

"PERFECT WORLD" is based on a true story. Barbara Follett. a precocious child writer, has an extraordinary love of writing and words. Since age 4, she writes copiously and prolifically, all on a typewriter. She specifically writes about Farksolia, her Perfect World where happiness reigns and people live in harmony with nature. Barbara wants people to read her books and turn her perfect world into reality. But, life, and even love, conspire to thwart her every move. Despite publishing two full- length novels to literary acclaim by age 14, she struggles to get the rest of her dream onto the page. At age 25, she succumbs to life's many pressures and completely disappears, leaving her brilliance unfulfilled. Set in the '20s and '30s, the show's universal theme is about chasing your dream and
striving toward a better world. The audience will witness Barbara's transformation from young hopeful idealist to skeptical downtrodden adult. Barbara's resilience and resolve are often tested, but it is Barbara's deep love for others that ultimately betrays her, and yet moves those closest to her, whose lives she touched. The pace and flow of the show are maintained by two intertwined strands. Strand 1 spins Barbara's life from five to twenty-five, and Strand 2 portray a the police search.

"Perfect World" is driven by three lead females who never give up - Young Barbara, Barbara, and her mother Helen - and by Captain Stahl, the lead investigator into Barbara's disappearance.

Female identifying; lead; strong singer; 8-12; a very bright and pragmatic young girl; She is carefree and naive with a burning desire to write; Highly emotional/sensitive; a very giving person who only cares about creating her perfect world; moves well.

BARBARA FOLLETT: Female identifying; lead; soprano; age 18-25; older version of Young Barbara whose carefree ways have become jaded; she is no longer self-assured but retains her emotionality and sensitivity; while she does not wallow in the demise of her life, she gets worn down; is able to dance.

HELEN: Female identifying; lead, soprano/mezzo; 30-50; Barbara's mother; loving, overbearing and manipulative; uptight nervous writer; her guilt overwhelms her.

WILSON: Male identifying; tenor or baritone; 30-50; Barbara's father; an unfulfilled critic, writer and editor; likes the limelight of Barbara's success; guilty for leaving Barbara.

CAPTAIN STAHL: Male identifying; lead; Bass/baritone; 40-60; Gritty, tense and officious police captain who warms to Barbara's plight; he is eventually torn between continuing the search and leaving Barbara alone.

SARGENT BROWN: Male identifying; Baritone; 30-45; Captain Stahl's right-hand man; hard working and loyal; wants to be captain; also a variety of supporting roles; dance/movement abilities.

SOPHIE/YOUNG ANNE: Female identifying; strong singer; age 8-12; Sophie is Young Barbara's imaginary friend who is very playful and spunky; Young Anne is Young Barbara's childhood friend who wants nothing more than to sing and dance, moves well.

MARGARET: Female identifying; alto; 30-35; Feisty; head-over-heels in love with Wilson; also a variety of supporting roles; Movement/dance abilities.

CAPTAIN WEASLEY: Male identifying; Baritone ; 45-60; the sneaky, manipulative and pompous captain of the Norman D; also a variety of supporting roles; movement/dance abilities...

ANDERSON HIGHCOURT: Male identifying; tenor; 20-25; Barbara's only true love; hardworking free spirit; very driven; a confident opportunist; sexy; handsome; charming and sneaky; movement/dance abilities.

ANNE: Female identifying; soprano/mezzo; 20-25; older version of Barbara's childhood friend; singer and dancer; perky, funny and upbeat; betrays Barbara; dance abilities.

NICK ROGERS: Male identifying; tenor; 20-25; Barbara's husband; initially cares for Barbara; becomes obsessed with money; self-centered, selfish and brooding; also a variety of supporting roles; movement/dance abilities.

SEE PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS IN BREAKDOWN. Email your headshot/resume along with your video submission link (an unlisted video, YouTube or Vimeo). Please list your name and role you would like to be considered for in the subject line of your e- mail.

Deadline: 10/03/2022

[email protected]


Off Broadway $800 weekly (Level Two Developmental Staged Reading)




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