Production Audio @ Minetta Lane Theater


Production Audio @ Minetta Lane Theater

CATEGORY: Technical

BLT Productions
New York, NY 10036


Sean Gorski

Job Details


Full disclosure, this is not a full-time job, Ideally, we are looking for someone who is freelance who can manage our shows but with the flexibility of our schedule, would be able to freelance elsewhere during slower times.

The current calendar breaks out as follows:
And So We Walked: Oct 25th-29th
Solea Pfeiffer: Oct 31 - Nov 3
Approval Junkie: Nov 7th - 14th
Long Days Journey into Night load in: Dec 13th-16th
Long Days Tech and Prep: Jan 3 - Jan 14

Production Audio Duties include:
Maintaining the house system and augmenting as needed per production.
Maintaining drawings and paperwork to reflect the as-built system in place.
Staffing all Audio Calls with competent audio humans.
Interfacing with our A1(s) who will run the shows and program the console during tech.
Setting tasks for load-in for crew and managing daily progress.
Interfacing with other departments per load in schedule, trucking.
Interfacing with designers to generate plot and programming paperwork
Interfacing with shop (in conjunction with PM) to procure the necessary rental items and perishables per production
Attending production meetings if possible to answer questions for design and direction.
Interfacing with the Audible recording team for their production recording needs.
Other duties as assigned and discussed.

Per Fee structure, we are non-union but we have favored nations among heads.
$35/hr on site and for shop prep. OT after 10hrs in a day or 40hrs in a week - 4hr minimum for calls onsite.
$800 prep fee for larger shows
$500 prep fee for smaller one week shows.

During the run of longer shows we could do a weekly of $140 to cover 4hrs of interfacing as needed.


October 25, 2021 - January 17, 2022





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