Role of Hank in Bluff, a radio play (Deadline 4.30.21)


Role of Hank in Bluff, a radio play (Deadline 4.30.21)

CATEGORY: Performer

Lenore M Skomal Productions
New York, NY


Lenore Skomal

Job Details


Prod Co: Lenore M Skomal Productions Writer/Director: Lenore Skomal Casting Director: Lenore Skomal, Emily Goes Start Date: 06/01/2021 Compensation: $100 paid for the final taping, which will take no longer than 4 hours. All travel expenses to the recording studio, including food and beverages. Location: Peekskill, NY

This is a radio play, of the old fashioned variety, sans the dramatic music and corny sponsorships. This is a colorblind, age blind cast. Your voice is what matters most. Auditions will take place via your submitted tapes. Please do your very best. Do not read both parts. Please get someone to be your reader. Video and audio files welcome. Finalists will be contacted and should be prepared to audition virtually via Zoom. We are looking for the role of Hank: 

[HANK HART] 55 years old, man. Self-made man, financially successful. A classic good guy but still very rough around the edges and blind to reading between the lines.


Storyline: Meet Jude, a 40-year old recluse being kept alive by medical intervention after a life-altering fall off a bluff behind her house. Though in a coma, Jude can hear everyone around her and has the unique chance to remove the chains of her past and find peace before she is disconnected from the machines keeping her alive. When her best friend Frances finds out that Jude, a lesbian, is also pregnant, she schemes to adopt the child but gets romantically involved with Paul, the lawyer who is helping her secure the unborn child. Meanwhile Frances' husband Hank finds out that she has gone behind his back to the child--something she has never discussed with him-- and the rift in their marriage widens. Frances discovers that Jude did not suffer a fall as everyone had assumed, but actually tried to commit suicide, she can't forgive her. Jude is left to struggle alone with her memories of her cruel and overbearing mother Gay, as well as the weight of her decision to kill herself and her baby. Through all of this, she finds friendship with her primary care nurse Mary Shannon, and even though she cannot be heard by her, Jude finds peace, comfort and unconditional love, freeing herself from her self hatred and allowing her to die in peace. 

Please do no submit if you cannot abide by these instructions or you cannot commit to the June 1 recording date. Must be able to attend three virtual rehearsals prior to the taping, possible additional one-on-one rehearsals with your scene partner and the directo, and the final taping Tuesday June 1, 2021.  Must be willing to travel outside of NYC on public transportation (Recording studio is one hour from NYC via Metro-North). You must be vaccinated against COVID-19. You must be comfortable with being in the studio together with other people. At no point is the entire cast of seven in the room at the same time. No more than 3 characters are on stage at any one time. There is space to socially distance.


May 1, 2021 - June 5, 2021