Scavenger Hunt Event Host


Scavenger Hunt Event Host

CATEGORY: Performer

Secret City Scavenger Hunts
New York, NY 10017

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Seeking vibrant candidates to help host our scavenger hunt events, which occur at varying times throughout the week, depending on the needs of our clients. This is a great opportunity for people with flexible schedules, for those looking to add another semi-regular 'gig' to the list of things they do in life.

Candidates must have great energy, be able to speak in front of a group, command the attention of a group. Must be extremely reliable, willing to learn and represent our company. Most of our clients are companies looking for team building events for their employees. We also host a wide variety of visiting groups, and other types of groups.

You will be leading scavenger hunts from start to finish, following a script we'll provide. Most of our hosts are actors. If you've ever been a camp counselor, or organized a Meetup, or led groups of any kind, taught classes of any kind, this is a great opportunity. If you're self-employed and able to arrange your own schedule, this may be something you can add to your endeavors. It's not a full time job, which is why it's perfect for people who have multiple employment outlets.

Since our events are not on a set schedule, you'll be able to do the events that work with your schedule. There may be a few per week, there may be none for a week or two... it's very sporadic.

Great chance to get involved in marketing and sales as well, and the possibility to earn commissions. Resume and Facebook link requested.

Please reply via this email. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.


June 6, 2021 -


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