Seeking Actors for Eddie Doran's Deal


Seeking Actors for Eddie Doran's Deal

CATEGORY: Performer

Noel MacDuffie/ Stephen Boulhosa
New York, NY 10035

Job Details


Eddie Doran's Deal by Stephen Boulhosa will be presented at Theatre Row Sept 23-29 as part of the Broadway Bound Theater Festival.

This is a NON EQUIY show. $400 Stipend.
Selected actors will be asked to submit a self tape of a scene from the script. 
Call backs will be in person on August 2 from 6-8:30 pm. 
All rehearsals will be in person and occur in NYC.
All actors must be vaccinated, vaccination status must be confirmed by the start of rehearsals on August 30. 

About the play: Eddie lives a shattered life.  Aggressively alcoholic, Eddie Doran makes a deal with himself that involves a gun and an accumulation of bullets. Determined to fulfill this one commitment in his life, Eddie believes that if he survives his deal, his life will turn around. Alerted by Eddie’s landlady, Eddie’s estranged Dad arrives to change the mind of the son he never understood.

Eddie: (30-50 white or mixed race male) A frustrated poet who has been an alcoholic for decades. Eddie is often impulsive and can be quick to anger. His drinking has cost him his job, his marriage, and damaged most of his relationships. Despite all of his issues, Eddie is a loving father who has a pretty clear (if sarcastic and dark) view of the world.

Dad: (55-70 white male) An ex-cop who loved being a cop.  He does not deal well with emotions or psychological issues so Eddie's poetic soul has always confused him.  He is doing his best, but being tough is what he knows.

Mrs. Herlihy: (60-80 white female) Eddie's Irish landlady.  She is also his mother's best friend.  Sharp and forceful, she has become something of a surrogate mother to Eddie now that his mother’s dementia has taken hold. (Irish accent required)


August 30, 2021 - September 29, 2021





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