Super Counselor

Super Counselor

CATEGORY: Academic/Instructor

Camp Supernow
New York, NY 10069

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Hey Friend! We’re Camp Supernow. We’re a high-growth, well funded startup building the future of kids edutainment through interactive, live, virtual content (think PBS meets Peloton).

We're on a mission to create the space for kids to be their most joyful and authentic selves. We believe in the power of self-expression, imagination and play to help kids feel a sense of community and belonging in this ever-changing world. 

As the educational landscape rapidly transforms due to remote/hybrid learning, you have the incredible opportunity to join a founding team during a pivotal moment in the company’s history. We’re seeking leaders who are passionate, sharp, values-aligned and excited to join a high growth, well-funded startup.  

We’re excited for you to join us on the journey.


Practice Joy - Find joy in the journey, not just the outcome. See the silver linings in the hard ones, be present in the moment and embrace this adventure.

Be a Host With the Most- We’re all about creating welcoming spaces that facilitate connection. Be empathetic to others, proactively anticipate their needs and go above and beyond in everything you do.

Yes AND - We’re building this rocket ship together and collaboration makes us stronger. Don’t be afraid to take risks and learn together, embrace creative solutions and trust that we always have each other’s backs. 

Ask and Listen -  Building anything is a constant learning journey. Follow your curiosity, think critically and never be afraid to ask questions. We get just as much from listening as we do from contributing.

Let Your Flag Fly - This is the place to be your authentic, unabashed, weird and wonderful self. We celebrate diverse perspectives and create an environment that is inclusive and psychologically safe for all. 


As a Counselor at Camp Supernow, you’ll be joining our small but mighty crew of experience designers, social alchemists, innovators, vibe creators and facilitators - dedicated to bringing magic and connection to kids everywhere.

As a Counselor, you’ll work directly with the Supernow founders to facilitate magical experiences that bring kids together. Super Counselors are the face of Camp Supernow - this is a highly visible role and an opportunity to become part of a community of best in class gatherers and experience designers. This role is about more than just having experience in childcare or education, it’s about bringing joy, enthusiasm and fun to kids through hands on play. This is a part-time, contract role, that requires you to be available to lead a cabin at the same time each day for your scheduled weeks. 

This role is perfect for someone who:

  • Has prior experience with children, ideally ages 5-11 (camp counselor, childcare professional, educator, babysitter)

  • Has experience on stage or working an audience, whether that be in acting, music, fitness, facilitation, comedy

  • Is passionate about hands-on, play-based learning

  • Lives to perform in front of an audience (of both kids and parents)

  • Believes that human connection is the next self care and wants to help spread love and connection during a time of separation

  • Has fully embraced their inner child - lives for play, adventure, fun and silliness. 

You should be great with kids, be able to think and improvise on the fly, have a consumer centric mindset, high EQ and an intuition around how to accommodate people and make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable.

We highly encourage Black, Indigenous and People of Color to apply.


  • Camp Facilitation

  • Serving as the face for each of your assigned cabins and leading with passion, energy and fun

  • Prepare for and lead camp each day based on the camp-provided script, improvising as necessary

  • Facilitate the daily camp sessions via Zoom

  • Providing programming suggestions and feedback to HQ

  • Camp Promotion

  • Becoming the ultimate Camp Supernow ambassador and spreading the good word externally on your channels

  • Recruiting campers for a cash bonus


  • Previous acting, performance or facilitation experience

  • Previous professional experience with kids ( counselor, educator, babysitter, nanny, etc.)

  • Ability to attend all assigned camp sessions (same time each day for a week- minimum of 5 hours per week) and counselor training sessions

  • Professional and timely, must be able to meet deadlines and arrive on time to events - no-shows will not be tolerated

  • Fast learner and self starter with the ability to navigate ambiguity and act autonomously

  • Vibe creator - attentive to the little details to make a virtual gathering awesome

  • Passionate about human connection, self-expression and play

  • Intellectual curiosity - genuinely curious about the world, human behavior and self-improvement


$25-30 per hour, depending on experience


October 15, 2020 -


$25-$30 per hour



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