The British Invasion Live - Seeking musician/Actor/Singers for Non-Union Tour


The British Invasion Live - Seeking musician/Actor/Singers for Non-Union Tour

CATEGORY: Performer

Franck Casting
New York, NY 10002


Alison Franck

Job Details



Union Status: NON-UNION

Venue: US Tour 

Producer: Maple Tree Entertainment, Quatro Entertainment Inc
Producer & General Manager: Ralph Schmidtke
Music Director, Director & Creator: Dean Elliott
Casting Director: Alison Franck
Audition Date(s): July-August via Self Tape ECO CAST
Callback Date(s): In NYC O/A September 2021
Rehearsal Date(s): 02/01/2022
Closing Date(s): 05/15/2022
Rate of Pay: $1800/Week once tour begins.
Location: Rehearses in Shreveport, Louisiana

EVERYONE FOR ALL OF THESE ROLES NEEDS TO BE A MUSICIAN/SINGER/ACTOR AND PLAY THE INSTRUMENTS LISTED WITH GREAT SKILL (WITH EXCEPTION OF THE FEMALE, WHO MUST BE A FRONT WOMAN SOLOIST AND PLAY SOME INSTRUMENTS OR BE ABLE TO LEARN) The pay is $1800 US/week and per diem of $40/day. Please note that both the dollar values will now be subject to tax withholdings and all cast/crew will be treated as employees. Performers are paid half rate for rehearsals and the first paid performance triggers the full pay rate.

The chosen performers will have to be fully vaccinated and have no criminal record.

THE BRITISH INVASION - LIVE ON STAGE is an immersive multi-media show that will place you at the front and centre of pop culture history. Huge projection period photos and original film footage recreate the era’s excitement, fashion, and headlines; all the while a full live band performs all of the hits of the Swingin’ 60’s; the iconic British pop sound that swept across America and the world. 


[MIKE] Lead front-man and part-time rhythm guitarist. A good-looking and confident showman. Singer, Actor (must be able to do a British Accent), and play the rhythm guitar very well.


[MARY] Lead front-woman and part-time keyboardist/percussionist. Lots of charisma and confidence. Singer, Actor (must be able to do a British Accent), and plays Keyboard and would love someone who can play the drums or be capable of learning (but it is not a deal-breaker if she does not play the drums)


[JIMMY] Lead guitarist and lead singer. Cheeky and slightly arrogant. Got a “rocky” edge akin to John Lennon. Singer, Actor (must be able to do a British Accent), and play lead guitar very well.


[BONGO] Drummer and lead singer. Child-like enthusiasm and energy. Loved by all of the mothers. Singer, Actor (must be able to do a British Accent), and play the drums very well.


 Storyline: The British Invasion was a cultural phenomenon that completely re-directed the course of history. In January, 1964, America was still mourning the death of President John F. Kennedy and everything seemed to be in a vacuum; music was dominated by manufactured teen idols; Elvis was in Hollywood; everything was squeaky clean and dull.On Sunday night, Feb 9, 1964, close to 50% of US television viewers tuned in to the #1 variety show of the era, The Ed Sullivan Show, to see the American debut of a British group called The Beatles. The very next morning; all music, art, fashion, literature… in fact, the very essence of pop culture had been transformed, erased, re-vitalized, and reinvigorated. Within a week, British music dominated the charts and the airwaves; The Rolling Stones, Dave Clark 5, The Animals, Hollies, Manfred Mann, Dusty Springfield, The Searchers, Gerry & The Pacemakers, The Zombies, Freddie & The Dreamers, Herman’s Hermits, The Kinks, and dozens more. There was a sense of teenage rebellion with long hair, pointy boots and a unique kind of music that sped up and mashed up American sounds with an unstoppable urgency and rhythm. You could be whoever or whatever you wanted. The rules were gone! It was a golden age of pop music that changed the world and inspired a generation.

Please email with a photo and resume of performing and playing experience ASAP


February 1, 2022 - May 15, 2022





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