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By DeAndre Short

Directed by Josh Lak Kim

Through talk therapy, ice cream, a jigsaw puzzle, childhood games, and LEGOS, seven men spend eight consecutive weeks in a tiny community center meeting room unpacking the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

**Please note: this play discusses difficult subject matter such as sexual abuse, suicide, self-harm, graphic language, and violence; however, at the heart of this play is healing.

Important Dates:

Accepting Audition Submissions through Friday, February 3, 2023

Live Zoom Callbacks: Feb 6-12, 2023

Rehearsal Start Date: March 9, 2023

Performances: April 13 - 16 at Lenfest Center for the Arts

General Info + COVID Safety:

  • Non-AEA only. However, SAG-AFTRA actors are eligible to submit.

  • Each actor will receive $150 in payment for rehearsals/performances.

  • This production is a 2023 New Plays Festival production presented under the guidance of Samuel D. Hunter, David Henry Hwang & Lynn Nottage.

  • All participants must be fully vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19 (no medical/religious exemptions are allowed).

Submission Instructions:

Please submit a headshot, resume, and a self-tape using the attached sides

for no more than two role(s) for which you would like to be considered* by 5PM on Friday, February 3. Auditions should be submitted to [email protected]. Please include the role(s) you’re auditioning for in the subject line of your email, and include your name & phone number in the body of your email.

*Please feel free to submit auditions for the characters which you feel comfortable embodying. The gender identities of all characters are flexible.

Character Breakdown:

Seeking 5 Actors

  • All can identify as Male, Male-Presenting, and/or Non-Binary

  • All roles can be played by actors of any racial identity or ethnicity

DUNCAN – 33; a thoughtful, perceptive, and unconventional therapist; ; a first time dad trying to find the balance between fatherhood and work

JERICHO – 26; a very self-critical, quiet, and compulsive photographer; he’s lost his own beauty and love to his trauma.

LACHY – 17; a secretly morose, somewhat-socially-awkward, high school senior; violinist; walking encyclopedia; seeking a sense of normalcy he lost to his trauma

PIERCE – 34; history teacher, overprotective father, and recent divorcé; desperate not to pass on his trauma onto his kids

SETH – 29; a skilled puzzler, great conversationalist, and emotional; constantly losing trouble jobs and maintaining relationships to his trauma

Sides are attached below.


The last rule is trust. I ask that you place your trust in me, and the group, and we will do the same. I don’t want y’all to look at this as therapy because that’s not what it is. I want y’all to look at it more as a support group. This is a chance for y’all to share your experiences, and see that others feel the same as you, or are in the same situation. It’s a place where you can comfortably work through your trauma in a supportive and confidential environment whilst helping others work through theirs. Some of you will initially have some reservations and feel uncomfortable sharing in a group setting. That is natural. But participation is necessary and required. Look at this as an opportunity to learn from others with similar problems; your feedback is an integral part of this process. All members must participate in sessions in order to reap the benefits of group and reach their goals.



I keep thinking about what I would tell the 11-year-old me. I would tell him that what happened to him doesn’t mean he’s broken. That he will feel broken, but he’s not some clock ‘cause clocks break. They can be fixed. But people can’t be fixed ‘cause they don’t break. People wound. People get hurt. They heal. He will heal. It may take years and that’s ok. Don’t rush it. He will look for love in all places but himself. He will look for it in shitty men. In shitty friends. In meaningless mediocre sex. He will look for it to heal himself, to make himself happy, and to fill his loneliness. There will be times he settles for conditional love. There will be times he thinks maybe the love he deserves is love he will never find. He will find that love. He won’t find it in another him, in sex, or even friends. He will find it in himself.

(looks at THE GROUP)

He’ll be ok. I think we’re all gonna be ok. I would tell him to forgive himself.


I had a hard time with this assignment because my favorite ice cream flavor is a flavor that I can no longer have anymore. I developed an allergy to tree nuts which I discovered after I had an allergic reaction to eating a bunch of white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies. However, I am not allergic to peanuts even though most people think an allergy to nuts means peanuts, and vice-versa, which is not the case. The proteins in peanuts are different in almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachios, or walnuts. Before my allergy, I used to love butter pecan ice cream. I used to ask my mom for it anytime we would visit an ice cream shop or go grocery shopping. I think she found it weird that a small child loved this flavor since most children like standard flavors like vanilla or chocolate. I loved how the hint of flavor would hit my tongue and the crunch of the pecan. I haven’t found a flavor that has replaced the warm feeling I got when I ate butter pecan.



Someone else’s love isn’t going to heal you. I tried that path, bud. I don’t regret for a minute marrying my ex ‘cause it gave my sons, and they’re the best things to happen to me. But, I looked to my ex to be my saving grace. I put that responsibility onto her. Which wasn’t fair to her. I thought that she would heal the pain inside me and make everything right. That’s a lot of pressure for one person. A burden. No partner should ever be someone’s saving grace. Your partner can be your rock, someone you can lean on. But they can’t heal you, no matter how hard you try or how hard they try ‘cause in the end it makes you and your partner question whether that love was real or not. The only person who can heal you is you. The person you will have the longest relationship in your life with is you. My biggest regret is not being the husband that my ex deserved, not giving her the love she deserved ‘cause I wasn’t giving myself the love I deserve. It took a divorce to teach me that you can’t rely on external love to absolve you from your trauma, pain, or sadness.


My grandpa taught me everything I needed to know about puzzles. He was always doing a puzzle at the dining table. I don’t remember a single person ever eating at the table—just his puzzles. I had severe seasonal allergies where if I went outside my eyes would immediately water and swell up. My grandparents used to make me stay inside while my cousins got to go outside and play. I would make a huge fuss over it, you know, so one day my grandpa calls for me to come to the dining room and help him with his puzzle. That first time around I did a lot more watching than helping. I was in charge of the sorting, and I remember him telling me, Seth even if a piece looks similar, it’s still its own piece and just as important ‘cause, without that piece, the puzzle wouldn't connect. Though he would contradict himself sometimes ‘cause he also told me that even if you’re missing a few pieces the puzzle is still complete.


Feb 9, 2023 - Apr 16, 2023


$149.00 – $150.00 per gig



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[email protected]
New York, NY 10027


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