Williamstown Theatre Festival 2020 - NYC EPA (02.25.20)

Williamstown Theatre Festival 2020 - NYC EPA (02.25.20)

CATEGORY: Performer

Williamstown Theatre Festival
Williamstown, MA

Job Details


Call Type: EPA

Main Stage: category X contract ($994/week)
Nikos Stage: special contract ($915/week)

Artistic Director: Mandy Greenfield
Associate Artistic Director: Laura Savia
Line Producer: Lucie Ledbetter
Company Manager: Devon Levy
Casting Director: Telsey + Co

Expected in attendance this day:
Laura Savia, Associate Artistic Director (9:30am - 1pm)
Lucie Ledbetter, Line Producer (2pm - 5:30pm)
Casting Director from Telsey + Co, TBD

EPA Procedures are in effect for this audition.

An Equity Monitor will be provided.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

Equity actors.

Williamstown Theatre Festival strives to be inclusive and seeks to cast a diverse group of actors within the needs of each production. The descriptions below include details about each character and the qualities they possess. We encourage performers of all ethnicities, races, gender identities, ages, and body types, as well as performers with disabilities, to audition.

ALSO SEEKING STAGE MANAGERS. Though SM appointments at the EPA call are available, Stage Managers may also email their resume to AEASM@wtfestival.org for employment consideration.


Williamstown Theatre Festival 2020

By: Tennessee Williams
Director: Robert O’Hara
Contract: AEA / CORST category X contract ($994/week)
Venue: Main Stage
First Rehearsal NYC: June 2, 2020
First Rehearsal Williamstown: June 16, 2020
First Performance: June 30, 2020
Opening: July 8, 2020
Scheduled Closing: July 19, 2020
An intimacy director will be engaged for this production.


Eunice Hubbell - 30s-40s, any gender identity, any ethnicity. Stanley and Stella's landlord, who lives upstairs and runs the building together with Steve.

Steve Hubbell and As Cast - 30s-40s, male, any ethnicity. Eunice's husband. He enjoys beer and playing poker.

Harold Mitchell (Mitch) and As Cast - 20s-40s, male, non-white. Stanley's old army friend. He lives with his ailing mother.

Pablo Gonzales and As Cast - 18+, male, Latino. Stanley’s poker buddy.

Young Collector and As Cast -18+ To play teens or early20s, any ethnicity. He is going door-to-door

collecting for The Evening Star. Some nudity required.

Nurse and As Cast - 18+, any gender identity, any ethnicity.

Doctor and As Cast - 18+, male, any ethnicity. Some nudity required.


Blanche DuBois - A Southern woman who is staying with her sister, Stella, in New Orleans, after their family estate has been lost.

Stella Kowalski - Stella is Blanche’s younger sister. She has made a life for herself with husband Stanley in New Orleans that looks quite different from the refined, upper-class world in which she was raised.

Stanley Kowalski - Former military, currently working in an auto parts factory. He is married to Stella. Some nudity required.

By: Leslye Headland
Director: Trip Cullman
Contract: AEA / CORST category X contract ($994/week)
Venue: Main Stage
First Rehearsal Williamstown: June 23, 2020
First Performance: July 22, 2020
Opening: July 25, 2020
Scheduled Closing: August 2, 2020


Pippa Ferguson - 30-35, female, non-white. Evie's wife, recently married and newly pregnant. She is a proud, queer woman.

Johnny Dahl - 25-30, male, white. Youngest Dahl. An addict in recovery. Seeking an actor who is a strong singer and can play guitar. UNAVAILABLE ROLES:

William "Bill" Dahl - 60, male, white. Patriarch of the Dahl family. He loves having all of his children home, together.

Virginia "Ginny" Dahl - 60, female, white. Matriarch.

Mark Dahl - 40, male, white. Oldest son, a former Lutheran minister.

Evie Dahl - 35, female, white. Second Dahl child. Newly married.

Diana Dahl Bennett - 30, female, white. Third Dahl child, pregnant with her second child.

James Bennett - 30, male, white. Diana’s husband, Episcopal priest with unconventional ideas.

Rachel Dahl - 35, female, any ethnicity. Mark’s wife.

Lauren Montgomery - 27, female, any ethnicity. Johnny’s friend. Also sober.


By Anna Ziegler
Director: Susan Stroman
Contract: AEA / CORST category X contract ($994/week)
Venue: Main Stage
First Rehearsal Williamstown: July 14, 2020
First Performance: August 6, 2020
Opening: August 8, 2020
Scheduled Closing: August 23, 2020


Maurice Wilkins—late 30s-40s, male, any ethnicity. British, intellectual, proper: he is all formality. He can come off as confident and a touch arrogant but these are a thin veil over what are really very deep wounds. He has a challenging and sparring dynamic with Rosalind. A gentle, lost soul.

Don Caspar—late 20s-early 30s, male, Jewish. American, intelligent, funny, warm and endearing, with an edge of dorkiness and insecurity. A loving admirer of Rosalind’s. He's very open and transparent, and puts people at ease.

James Watson – early-mid 20s, male, white. American. Watson is determined to be a “winner” – to succeed at any cost. He is nothing but confidence and arrogance. He is matter-of-fact, not cruel, just blunt, which can often sound unfeeling. He and Crick are a witty/powerful duo.

Ray Gosling—mid-late 20s, male, any ethnicity. British, awkward, endearing, sincere and kind, smart but unassuming. Plays the assistant/lackey role to Franklin and Wilkins. The role requires great comic chops/timing.

Francis Crick—30s-40s, male, any ethnicity. British, very proper, charming, suave; Crick can be a little cold, a little aloof and self-consumed but not unkind. He's excitable (particularly about science and about women) and has more of a heart than Watson. He and Watson make a witty/powerful duo.


Rosalind Franklin—mid 30s-early 40s, female, Jewish. British, attractive, extremely intelligent, focused, stubborn, dedicated, witty, defensive, icy, confident. She is most comfortable when she is alone with her work – intimate only with a select few. Although she rarely shows her vulnerability/fragility, it is quite moving when she does. ______________________

By: Sanaz Toossi
Director: Gaye Taylor Upchurch
Contract: AEA / CORST special contract ($915/week)
Venue: Nikos Stage
First Rehearsal NYC: June 9, 2020
First Rehearsal Williamstown: June 16, 2020
First Performance: July 1, 2020
Opening: July 4, 2020
Scheduled Closing: July 12, 2020

Salme - 20s through 40, female, Iranian. Peaceful, religious and hijabi. Even when she seems like

she’s not paying attention, she is present. She is an intense listener and has an open, calming spirit.

Shideh - 20s through 40, female, Iranian. Tightly wound, ready to pounce. Even though she takes everything seriously, she has a sense of humor. Later in the play, she takes things more easily. Also plays New Friend, female, Iranian, 30s.

Rana - 20s through 40, female, Iranian. Queen of cool, sophisticated, and fun. Nazanin’s best friend. She has a wicked sense of humor.

Nazanin - 20s through 40, female, Iranian. Sort of mean. Feels a strong connection with Rana.

Zari - 20s through 40, female, Iranian. Happy-go-lucky, not the most grounded member of the group. Grows up a lot over the course of the play.

By: Shakina Nayfack
Director: Laura Savia
Contract: AEA / CORST special contract ($915/week)
Venue: Nikos Stage
First Rehearsal Williamstown: June 23, 2020
First Performance: July 15, 2020
Opening: July 18, 2020
Scheduled Closing: July 25, 2020


Gamon - early 20s, cisgender/gender non-conforming, Thai. A young gay man, the bellhop at the Chonburi International Hotel, wishes he could be a drag queen. He loves karaoke and American 80s music. He’s also a devout Buddhist.

Van - 40s, trans woman, black. Van is from America, living in Berlin. Quick witted and sharp tongued. She works in tech and was moonlighting as a dominatrix before coming to Thailand.

Tamar - early 40s, cisgender, any ethnicity. Jerri’s wife, excited about becoming a lesbian. She tries hard to be an advocate for Jerri but is also way out of her comfort zone.

Jake - 18+ to play 15, cisgender, any ethnicity. Jerri and Tamar’s son, secretly fears what having a trans parent says about him.

Yael - mid 20s, trans woman, Israeli. Snarky and glam, veteran of the army and the butterfly club.

Duan - early 30s, cisgender, Thai. Duan is a stripper in Pattaya. He befriends Kina on her last night before going to Chonburi. He is in an open relationship with his girlfriend, with whom he has a daughter.


Kina - early 30s, gender non-conforming trans woman, Caucasian. Kina is American, bald, deeply spiritual but doesn’t trust other people. Wants to be an actress, and wants to get through gender confirmation as fast as possible.

Sivan - late 60s, trans woman, Caucasian. Sivan is an American astronomer, transitioning late in life, endlessly inquisitive, married to Lisa.

Lisa – 60s, cisgender, Caucasian. She is American, a new-age mystic and a loving, supportive partner, married to Sivan.

Bernice - 50s-60s, trans woman, any ethnicity. She tells stories about her loving community back home in America but is really terrified of dying a lonely old woman.

Jerri - mid 40s, trans woman, any ethnicity. From Australia, sporty and swarthy. She is in Thailand with her wife, Tamar, and son, Jake. She is struggling with the transition from fatherhood to motherhood.

Hom - early 30s, cisgender, Thai. A nurse and a cancer survivor. Selfless out of duty but learning to find her own voice. She once fell in love with an American man and dreams of leaving her country to find him in the U.S.

Dinah - late 40s, trans woman, any ethnicity. Former race-car driver from the UK, in a custody battle with her ex-wife. Also plays AYLIN, late 20s, trans woman, Turkish from Sweden, Muslim, last to arrive at the hotel.

Book by Daniel Goldstein
Music & Lyrics by Dawn Landes Based on "A Pearl in the Storm" by Tori Murden McClure.
Director: Tyne Rafaeli
Contract: AEA / CORST-LOA contract ($915/week)
Venue: Nikos Stage

First Rehearsal Williamstown: June 30, 2020
First Performance: July 30, 2020
Opening: August 1, 2020
Scheduled Closing: August 9, 2020


Young Tori, Amelia, and As Cast - Mezzo-soprano / soprano -

Young Tori - 18+ to play 8 through 16, female. Young Tori hasn't discovered heartbreak yet. Yet.

Amelia Earhart- 20s, female. The woman who flew and the woman who disappeared.

Lamar and As Cast - Bass (if a singer) - to play 12 through 39, male. Tori's brother. He is hearing impaired and has severe learning disabilities. He loves Tori more than anything in the world.

Mac McClure and As Cast - Baritone - 50ish, male. Handsome, rugged, charming. A man comfortable in the forest, the farm and the ballroom. Impossible not to befriend him or have him befriend you.

Gerard D’Aboville and As Cast - Bass - 50s, male. French. He's rowed across the Atlantic and the Pacific, by himself. That pretty much says it all.

Eric Fee and As Cast - Tenor - 18+ to play 17, male. The captain of the football team and dreamy as hell. He becomes a friend to Tori and Lamar, and their protector.

Joe Curran, Muhammad Ali, and As Cast - Bari-tenor (belt) - Joe Curran - 50s, male. Joe is a Jesuit priest who is dying of cancer. Sage and wise and charming.

Muhammad Ali - 40s, male. Ali is The Greatest. And he sees Tori more clearly than most.

Luckett, Dolly Parton, and As Cast - Soprano - Luckett - 40s-50s, Female. Luckett is a fellow rower and the calm reasonable voice in the room. Like an older sister to Tori, she is steadfast in her support for what Tori is trying to achieve. Even if it makes her really nervous.

Dolly Parton - 40s-50s, Female. Dolly is like a fairy godmother, appearing when Tori needs a push from the Smoky Mountains.

Margaret, Tina Turner, and As Cast - female - Alto (belt) - Margaret - 30s-40s, Female. Margaret is a fellow rower, and somewhat of a misanthrope. But all through a smile.

Tina Turner - 30s-40s, Female. Tina is an icon. When Proud Mary is needed to give Tori a lift, she's there.

Betsy, Cher, and As Cast - female - Alto - Betsy - 30s-40s, Female. Betsy is a fellow rower, but really has no idea why on Earth Tori would be interested in doing such a thing, but she's there for her anyway. Cher - 30s-40s, Female. Cher is a musical angel, appearing to throw some glitter at Tori when she needs a boost.


Tori Murden - Mezzo-soprano - 35, female. She is fiercely intelligent, athletic, sympathetic, wise, and just about everything else. She's an introvert who can take on the world.

By: Stacy Osei-Kuffour
Director: Whitney White
Contract: AEA / CORST special contract ($915/week)
Venue: Nikos Stage
First Rehearsal Williamstown: July 21, 2020
First Performance: August 12, 2020
Opening: August 15, 2020
Scheduled Closing: August 23, 2020


Henry - 40, male, Caucasian. Lydia’s long-time boyfriend; they live together. He works as a “Genius” at the Apple store.
Yaw, (yaw rhymes with wow) - Early 30s, male, African-American. His former name was Jason. One of Lydia’s oldest friends. He lives in Brooklyn and is a professor at NYU.

Coleen - 19, female, Caucasian. Yaw’s new girlfriend, a sophomore in college. Comfortable in her body, and when the impulse strikes her, she can dance with abandon.

Lydia - late 20s, female, African-American. She lives in Washington Heights in NYC and is a professor at City College.




Audition Information


Ripley-Grier Studios (520)
520 8th Ave
New York, NY 10018-6507

16th floor.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020
9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Lunch 1 to 2. Accompanist NOT provided on this day.


Please bring a stapled headshot and resume. Prepare a monologue from contemporary or modern (1850-present) theatre. (Accompanist not provided on this day)

Minors must be accompanied by an adult