Christopher Fry

Christopher Fry


Christopher Fry, one of the last modern playwrights to find success writing entirely in verse, died June 30, 2005, in Chichester, England, the New York Times reported. Mr. Fry was 97 at the time of his death, and his moment in the sun had long since passed. But for a roughly a decade following World War II, he was one of Britain's leading playwrights, applauded for the beauty and probing intelligence of his sincere-minded plays, of which The Lady's Not for Burning is the most famous and enduring. In 1950, he saw three of his plays hold different stages in London, as well as an adaptation of Anouilh's Ring Round the Moon, presented by Peter Brook.

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  • Born: Dec 18, 1907 in Bristol, England
  • Death: Jun 30, 2005 in Chichester, England


New York Drama Critics' Circle
1956 Best Foreign Play Tiger at the Gates Winner
1952 Best Foreign Play Venus Observed Winner
1951 Best Foreign Play The Lady's Not for Burning Winner