A Co-production with the Syracuse University Department of Drama

SYNOPSIS: The life and times of the unkempt musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as seen through the eyes of his fastidious rival, Antonio Salieri. Salieri comes to grips with the fact that while he himself is very talented, Mozart derives a true genius directly from God. With that realization, Salieri sets out to get his revenge on God by destroying Mozart.

Directed by Robert Hupp

Cast: Mickey Rowe, Ames Adamson, Kayla Amani, Michael Breese Barbour, Isaiah Carmichael Harden Brooks, Bill Christ, Avery Glymph, Jeff Gonzalez, Lisa Helmi Johanson, Hayden Kerzie, Thomas Montgomery, Kevin Morrison, Jason O'Connell, Caroline Portner, Blake Segal, Michael Sloan, Sara Anne Vaccaro, J.D. Webster, Damon Robert Williams

Show Times: Tuesday-Saturday @7:30pm, Saturday-Sunday @2pm

Tickets from $25