Angels in America: Millennium Approaches and Perestroika

Angels in America: Millennium Approaches and Perestroika

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SYNOPSIS: Tony Kushner’s two-part epic historical drama captures the lives of the HIV-positive Prior; Louis, his lover who abandons him; Joe, a closeted gay Mormon; his Valium-addicted wife Harper; Roy Cohn, a notorious lawyer from the McCarthy hearings, dying of AIDS; Belize, his African-American nurse; Hannah, Joe’s mother from Utah; and the Angel, a terrifyingly beautiful herald of the apocalypse. As these characters discover, confront, and seduce each other during a time of death, hypocrisy, and tumultuous change, Kushner summons a restless pastiche of the historical and the supernatural, the theological and the political—all told with surging theatricality by a company of eight actors.

Directed by Tony Taccone

Cast: Stephen Spinella, Caldwell Tidicue, Tandy Harrison, Danny Binstock, Randy Danson, Benjamin T. Ismail, Bethany Jillard, Carmen Roman

Millenium Approaches and Perestroika running in repertory, see website for schedule.

Tickets from $40