This is the story of the most famous woman of the modern age: Diana, Princess of Wales. Thrust into a spotlight brighter than any the world had ever known, Diana soon finds herself at odds with her husband, an unrelenting news media, and the monarchy itself. Leading fiercely with her heart, Princess Diana stands up for her family, her country and herself, while managing to capture the hearts of the world.

Tony Award®-winning director Christopher Ashley (Come From Away) and the writers behind the Tony Award–winning musical Memphis (Joe DiPietro and David Bryan) bring us face-to-face with one of the 20th century’s most compelling figures in this landmark musical event, featuring an epic and sweeping contemporary score, and Diana’s iconic style as reimagined by six-time Tony Award–winning costume designer William Ivey Long.

December 1 - 19 - Wednesday @2pm and 8pm, Thursday @8pm, Friday @8pm, Saturday @2pm and 8pm, Sunday @3pm

December 21 - 26 - Tuesday @8pm, Wednesday @2pm and 8pm, Thursday @8pm, Saturday @8pm, Sunday @2pm and 8pm

December 28 - January 2 - Tuesday @8pm, Wednesday @2pm and 8pm, Thursday @2pm and 8pm, Saturday @8pm, Sunday @2pm and 7:30pm
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(as of Mar 8, 2020) Total Current Gross: $376,471 Highest Weekly Gross: $376,471 (Week Ending Mar 8, 2020)   Average Ticket Price: $69.10 Average % Capacity: 86.31%


Week Ending Week Number This Week Gross Potential Gross Diff $ Avg Ticket Top Ticket Seats Sold Seats in Theatre Perfs Previews % Cap This Week Diff % cap
Mar 8, 2020 41 $376,471.40 $793,784.00 $0.00 $69.10 $248.00 5448 1052 0 6 86.31% 0.00%