Reimagined for young audiences by Jude Christian

‘To be or not to be…’

Hamlet’s dad is dead. His uncle has taken over the kingdom and married Hamlet’s mum. The whole world feels like it’s turned upside down.

A ghostly encounter reveals a dreadful deed has been done. Should Hamlet take revenge?

‘That is the question.’

Join us over the Easter holidays for this energetic and engaging retelling of Shakespeare’s most well-known tragedy. Suitable for ages 8 – 12.

SYNOPSIS: Hamlet, a Danish prince, discovers that his uncle Claudius murdered his father and took the throne; Hamlet's mother has married the usurper. If life is so fleeting, and people can do such things, Hamlet wonders, why are we born at all? Shakespeare's play is often cited as the greatest in the English language.

Directed by Tinuke Craig
Adapted by Jude Christian
Designed by Frankie Bradshaw

Tickets from £10