The Alchemist

The Alchemist

London. 1606. It’s plague time again. When a wealthy gentleman flees to the country, his trusted servant opens his house to a pair of con artists and sets up a den of criminal capitalism. Claiming alchemical powers, the quick-witted trio fleece an onslaught of greedy sheep with their virtuosic ability to improvise amidst increasingly frantic comings and goings. It’s comic gold with dupes, double-dupes, duels, disguises, and a lucky flea named “Lewis”.

This new version of Jonson’s rowdy comedy classic is adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher and directed by Jesse Berger.

SYNOPSIS: The Alchemist is an explosion of double-talk, flim-flam and hocus pocus centering on Subtle and Face, two quicksilver con-men and masters of disguise who bamboozle, baffle and blind-with-science a parade of greedy gulls.

Directed by Jesse Berger
Adaptation by Jeffrey Hatcher

Featuring: Nathan Christopher, Stephen DeRosa, Carson Elrod, Manoel Felciano, Teresa Avia Lim, Jacob Ming-Trent, Louis Mustillo, Reg Rogers, Jennifer Sánchez, Alan Tedder

Show Times: Monday @7PM, Wednesday-Thursday @7PM, Friday @8PM, Saturday @2PM & 8PM, Sunday @2PM

Tickets from $70