The Siblings Play

The Siblings Play

SYNOPSIS: The Siblings Play delves deep into the psyche of a teenage girl and her two brothers left to raise each other in their parents' absence. The play looks at the ways these three teenagers protect, love, fight, and diminish in the wake of their family history and the complexity of growing up with parents who are too young to be parents in the first place. In The Siblings Play, Santiago gives voice to characters rarely seen on the stage with theatricality, poignancy, humor, and empathy.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, in-person performances have been cancelled.

Howeer, patrons who purchased tickets to the canceled performances, along with new View at Home ticket buyers, will be able to watch a recording of the production until midnight on Sunday, April 5.

Directed by Jenna Worsham

Starring Dalia Davi, Cindy De La Cruz, Mateo Ferro, Andy Lucien, and Ed Ventura