1984 Star Olivia Wilde Reveals Her Favorite Part of the Tony Awards

Broadway News   1984 Star Olivia Wilde Reveals Her Favorite Part of the Tony Awards
On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the actor talks about Broadway’s biggest night and making her Broadway debut.

Stage and screen star Olivia Wilde (TRON: Legacy) appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert June 13, just days after attending the 71st Annual Tony Awards.

“The greatest thing about the Tonys is everyone who goes up onstage is so good at being onstage,” she said. “Accepting an award, presenting an award, they’re just really really good at it. They have such presence. Movie and TV stuff it’s less so, it’s not what they do.”

Wilde currently makes her Broadway debut in 1984 at Broadway’s Hudson Theatre. A mother of two, she explains that the show and what it stands for is worth missing “a lot of bedtimes.”

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Although the play marks Wilde’s first time on a Broadway stage, she doesn’t get nervous. “I think it’s because I just love this play so much, and I feel it’s so important to tell this story, so I think all my jitters are consumed by this sense of purpose,” she said. “I really feel like we’re out there saying something that needs to be said. ... What our play is about is that the truth matters.

“It’s provocative, it’s subversive, it’s exciting.”

As host Stephen Colbert pointed out, the classic George Orwell book on which the play is based sold out on Amazon by January 26. “People were suddenly really interested in a surveillance state that is trying to undermine what happened in the past so they can control what we do in the present,” Colbert noted.

“You know what tipped it off? Kellyanne Conway saying ’alternative facts,’” said Wilde. “That is directly out of 1984.” To hear more of her thoughts on the play and politics, watch the full video above.


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