'80s Music, Harvey, Priestley, Abe Lincoln Expected in Lamb's Season in CA

News   '80s Music, Harvey, Priestley, Abe Lincoln Expected in Lamb's Season in CA
Lamb's Players Theatre in the San Diego area announced five titles, including two world premieres, for its 2010 season in Coronado, CA. Producing artistic director Robert Smyth announced the coming world premieres of the musical of '80s music, miX tape, by Jon Lorenz and Colleen Kollar Smith, and Dennis Hassell's play The Glory Man, about Clarence Jordan and the founding of a racially-integrated religious community in the Deep South.

The slate also includes J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls, Norman Corwin's Abe Lincoln play The Rivalry and Mary Chase's Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy Harvey.

Lamb's resident theatre is in Coronado, CA (just across San Diego Bay from downtown San Diego). It also presents at the Horton Grand in downtown San Diego.

Here's the Lamb's Players 2010 season at a glance:

An Inspector Calls Feb. 5-March 21, 2010
"The Birling family is having a quiet celebration of their daughter's engagement, when a Police Inspector appears with questions about the death of a young woman. At first it appears that the event was entirely random, but as the evening progresses, facts unfold that reveal a connection between the deceased and each member of the family — and before the night is over, more than one of them may have some explaining to do. J.B. Priestley’s compelling tale of human connection and moral responsibility is a modern classic that will delight and intrigue."

The Rivalry
April 2-May 16, 2010

"150 years before another Illinois Senator became the political phenomenon of our time, the Lincoln-Douglas debates electrified crowds with a series of groundbreaking confrontations that still have no equal in American statesmanship. Norman Corwin's riveting play electrifies the stage with a close-up portrait of the two larger-than-life personalities, as well as the behind-the-scenes drama between the men and Stephen Douglas' perceptive wife Adele. The Rivalry is a theatrical marvel featuring large sections of the 1858 debates themselves, revealing the astounding fact that some of the greatest American theatre ever performed came from two men who were not actors — named Lincoln and Douglas." Harvey
June 4-July 18, 2010

"Before it became the classic movie starring Jimmy Stewart, Mary Chase's hilarious and endearing comedy Harvey was a Broadway hit, going on to win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Elwood P. Dowd is the nicest guy in town. Can he help it if his best friend happens to be a six-foot-tall invisible white rabbit? His long-suffering sister and embarrassed niece have had enough, and hilarity is about to ensue as they try to check Elwood into the local sanitarium. A brilliant send-up of conformity, psychoanalysis, and the frantic pace of modern life, Harvey is a comedy that just might make you a believer!"

miX tape: a musical journey through the 80s
Aug. 6-Sept. 19, 2010

"Take a seriously wild musical ride back to the most awesome of decades. Reagan was in the White House, Michael Jackson was at the top of the charts, lycra and legwarmers were the accessories du jour, and a 'mix tape' of favorite tunes was the ultimate in self-expression. The lousy economy was about to bounce back like we'd never seen, set to the synthesized beat of 80s Rock. The Cold War was heating up, and with fingers on the nuclear button, the world was sure to end any moment. But for Generation X, life was just beginning. Put on your suspenders, pull out the Members Only jacket, do your hair up with a scrunchy, and 'everybody cut footloose' with us in this totally rad musical world premiere."

The Glory Man
Oct. 1-Nov. 14, 2010

"Clarence Jordan, author of [the folk story] 'The Cotton Patch Gospel,' was a preacher and Greek scholar who left academia to found Koinonia Farm, an unconventional racially-integrated community in the deep South of the 1940s. He soon found that he was not just up against the Klan, but religious bigots and the entire culture that surrounded him. The Glory Man brings to life not only his story, but the sights and sounds of an entirely authentic rural Southern world. A play with music reminiscent of films like 'O Brother, Where Art Thou,' steeped in the infectious sounds of Appalachian Roots music and Gospel, this world premiere from associate artist Dennis Hassell (A Divine Comedy) will inspire audiences with the true-life story of an American original, and his legacy, which included the start of Habitat for Humanity."


The company will conclude 2010 at its Coronado theatre with the next installment in its play cycle Festival of Christmas. Two blocks away at the Hotel del Coronado, the interactive turn-of-the-century feast and celebration An American Christmas is served.

In addition to the Coronado season, Lamb's Players Theatre presents longer-running productions at its downtown space, the Horton Grand Theatre on 4th Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter. Currently playing is Godspell.

For more information call (619) 437-0600 or visit the Lamb's Players website at www.lambsplayers.org.

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