A Chat With Tom Gold; New York Performances March 12-13

Classic Arts Features   A Chat With Tom Gold; New York Performances March 12-13
Tom Gold Dance will present two evenings of dance with a program that will feature the World Premiere of La Plage with music by John Zorn, also included on the program will be Faure Fantasy with music by Gabrielle Faure; Gershwin Preludes, music by George Gershwin; and Mad about the Boy with music by Ivor Novello and Noel Coward, all with choreography by Tom Gold.

-Your March performance will feature the world premiere of La Plage, with music by John Zorn – can you tell us a little about this piece and the music?
I met John many years ago when i was choreographing for the Miller theater at Columbia university's new dance program. The director George Steel thought John's music would be great for me. One of the cd's he gave me was called The Gift and the music was very cool. Its a mix of surf music with tropical rain forest sounds. Its going to be a lot of fun for the audience and the dancers.

-How did you come up with the rest of the program for the March performances?
The program will consist of 4-5 pieces depending on rehearsal time. The rest of the pieces are from recent performances outside of New York City that I really like and thought they should be seen by our friends and supports here. Each piece represents a different feeling and mood so the whole evening will take you on a journey of dance. I always feel sad when a piece has a short shelf life as so much work goes into creating these works and I want the dancers to have a chance to sink their teeth into a role.

-Can you tell us a little bit about your stellar company? How do they work together?
My company is made up of dancers from the New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre. Many think we are a pick up company but that's not the truth. I consistently use the same dancers I have been for the last 7 years. I am very picky about who dances for me and once I find a dancer that I love I am very loyal and keep them on. When working with small groups its very important to have the right dynamic amongst them.

-What’s coming up next for Tom Gold Dance?
Upcoming for us is our New York season March 12 and 13th at the Gerald Lynch Theater, April 30 we will be performing at Carnegie Hall with the Collegiate Chorale in The Song of Norway, We will return to Bilbao Spain in the summer for our 5th tour there and in The Fall we will be going to Hawaii for some performances as well. You can read about our adventures at www.tomgolddance.com or on facebook.

-What is one of the most memorable performances you’ve experienced, either as a performer, choreographer or audience member?
Memorable performances..... I love to be surprised. I remember going to see the book of Mormon and having no idea what it was. It was such a joyous experience. The same with the Drowsy Chaperone. Amazing.

Seeing Bette Midler in concert in Las Vegas,That woman is an amazing performer. Watch her and one learns how to work the stage.

For me personally I love the performances no one sees in the studio one on one with someone I respect, Whether it was Jerry Robbins, Stroman, my teacher Willy Burmann or myself inspiring one of my dancers to challenge themselves in new ways. I love those experiences the best.

-Can you give us an idea of your process of coming up with choreography?
My process when I start to choreograph always starts with the music. Thanks to itunes I have a stash of music waiting for me to get to. I love browsing music and finding something I click with. When the music speaks to me everything just falls into place, the mood, the steps, the dancers, and the story.

-Who are some of your major inspirations or heroes?
My inspirations are many from Jerome Robbins , Susan Stroman, my dancers and mostly my friends. I feel very lucky to have such diversity around me that allows me to be who I am.

-What do you do when you are not working with Tom Gold Dance?
What do i do when I am not working on my company? I see as much as I can to stay current and inspired. Anything from Museums to movies, Theater to travel. The more I do the more ideas I get


Dancers to perform will be Director Tom Gold; Sara Mearns; Abi Stafford, principal dancer with New York City Ballet; Luciana Paris; Likolani Brown; corps with New York City Ballet; Gretchen Smith; Kristen Segin and Adrian Danchig Waring; soloist with New York City Ballet; Stephen Hanna; a former principal with New York City Ballet and star of Broadway’s Tony Award winning, Billy Elliott; Devin Alberda and Andrew Scordato, corps with New York City Ballet.

Performances to take place on Tuesday, March 12 and Wednesday, March 13 at 7:00pm at The Gerald Lynch Theater at John Jay College at 524 W 59th St, between 10th and 11th Avenues, New York City.

Tickets for the performances are $35.50 and $75.00.

Gala dinner tickets will be $325 and include a post-performance cocktail reception and dinner with the cast.

Tickets will be available through Ticket Central Box Office, 212-279-4200, tickets@ticketcentral.com,

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