A Glee-Full Summer Ahead!

PlayBlog   A Glee-Full Summer Ahead!
New episodes of "Glee" have just returned to the airwaves, and diehard fans are already dreading the long, hot, "Glee"-less summer ahead. Don’t worry, Gleeks, FOX isn’t leaving you out in the sun to dry!

After that endless anticipatory winter leading up to the show’s return on April 13, FOX is taking pity. It doesn’t want you to suffer that way again.

So! The fantastic network FOX will be airing encores (or, as we called them when I was young, "reruns") of this season’s episodes all summer long!

The best part? They begin before you know it. The season finale airs at 8 PM on June 8, and these encore showings will air on Thursdays at 8 PM beginning June 10. This year you can have your summer fun and sun with a healthy side of Finn and Quinn (and Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, Mr. Schue and Sue Sylvester.)

— Gemma Wilson

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