Albo Meets 3 Women in Indecision at Kraine Theater, Feb. 18

News   Albo Meets 3 Women in Indecision at Kraine Theater, Feb. 18
Subversive comic and playwright Mike Albo brings his latest work 3 Women in Indecision to Off-Broadway's Kraine Theatre on Feb. 18 for a run through March 14.

The work purports to attack "the current 'Post-Whatever' age of super surveillance and constant reality show orgasms." The three ladies in question include Helen, a receptionist who must decide if the person in her lobby is just another woman or a secret terrorist; Candace, a famous entertainment new anchor who is hit with a sudden allergy attack while on the air, and finds herself reporting live on her own death; and Denise, a contestant on a reality show not unlike "The Bachelor" who finds herself victorious, but headed toward a vacation in some place called Cleightwasjh. According to Albo, "Something very scary happened to our culture in the past three years.  We are bombarded by Code Orange emotional abuse, fascist cell phone companies, and Jessica Simpson's vacant, omnipotent, blond face."

  Albo is primarily known for his monologues, in which he rants against this or that corrosive trend in American life. He has also written a novel, "Hornito: My Lie Life," and the upcoming, "The Underminer."

The Kraine Theater is at 85 East 4th St.  Tickets are $18 and $10 for students/seniors. Call (212) 868-4444.

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