An Off-Broadway Cover Story: Screwtape and 666

PlayBlog   An Off-Broadway Cover Story: Screwtape and 666
Following a hit six-month run at Chicago's Mercury Theatre, The Screwtape Letters, a theatrical adaptation of the C.S. Lewis novel, begins performances at the Westside Theatre April 15.

"In this inverted moral universe set in an office in hell," production notes state, "God is called the 'Enemy' and the devil is referred to as 'Our Father below.' Star and co-creator Max McLean creates a 'master of the universe' character, all too familiar to New Yorkers, whose rhetorical flourishes mesmerize while he persuades. At his feet is the creature-demon, Toadpipe, who transforms into the paragons of vice Screwtape conjures with a flick of his fingers."

The work, adapted by McLean and Jeffrey Fiske, is currently booking through July 4.


Spain's award-winning comedy theatre troupe Yllana makes its Off-Broadway debut with 666, which began performances March 30 at the Minetta Lane Theatre.

The work, according to press notes, "begins when three dangerous criminals and one misplaced innocent arrive on death row. Incarceration ironically sets free their wildest fantasies as, trapped between the iron gates and an electrified fence, they interact with each other and with the audience. At the end of all the comically bungled executions, all hell, quite literally, breaks out. No one is safe, least of all the audience!"

A hit at last summer's New York Fringe Festival, 666 officially opens April 15.


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