Makes an Unexplained Return

Classic Arts News Makes an Unexplained Return, the five-year-old classical music web site that shut down two weeks ago, was back on the Internet this morning.

The site had no new content, and in fact was missing much of its functionality: efforts to make use of its streaming-music capability and search engine, for example, produced error messages or freezes. But the site's archives of news articles, essays, interviews, and reviews appear to be available once again.

No explanation for the site's reappearance was immediately available. NaÇve, the French record label that bought the site two years ago, has not responded to queries about its future. The label has told subscribers that it was no longer able to devote the resources to run the site.

The disappearance of on February 1 drew a flurry of media attention, with reports in the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and various classical-music blogs and web sites, including this one.

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