Anderson, Whistler, Eli, Dremann and Jacobs Get Voice in Philly's PlayShop Fest, Starting March 6

News   Anderson, Whistler, Eli, Dremann and Jacobs Get Voice in Philly's PlayShop Fest, Starting March 6
The Philadelphia Theatre Workshop's Third Annual PlayShop Festival presents "workshop productions" of five new plays by Delaware Valley playwrights March 6-21.

After performances, "the playwrights, directors, and cast have opportunities to talk to audiences and work to develop the pieces during the following week of rehearsals." Actors may have book in hand. There are design elements to the presentations, too.

The festival will be held at the Shubin Theatre, 407 Bainbridge Street, in Philadelphia.

The PlayShop "works in progress" include:

Front Row Seat by Kathy Anderson, directed by David Stradley, featuring Meg Arbo, Sara Group, Nick Suders, Ian Sullivan and Janine White. March 6 at 2 PM, March 14 at 7 PM and March 21 at 2 PM.
"Anderson puts audiences on the road in 1963 with the Flannery family. The clan is making a rare venture out of their little hometown. Without a lot of travel miles under their belt, the family suffers multiple mishaps and calamities. Frannie wrestles with a killer girdle. Inez crashes into a wayward cow. Billy fends off a knife-wielding Christian. Despite their setbacks, they are determined to be right up front for their once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the President and First Lady in person."

Our Lady of Balenciaga by Michael Whistler, directed by Nicholas Gray, featuring Jamal Douglas, Courtney Ell, Kim Fairbanks, Noah Herman, Mark Knight, Tanya Lazar, Kevin Meehan, and Jan Michener. March 6 at 7 PM, March 13 at 2 PM and March 21 at 7 PM.
"Erik has been living at home 33 years too long. Now everything is spinning out of control. A mysterious man leaves Erik his phone number. Kat sees the Virgin Mary. Teddy can't get his lodger to speak with him. Lena has a problem at home she can't talk about. Everyone is following Theresa Chen, human-interest reporter. And Erik's mother, Sandy, has been blinded in a random act of violence in a bodega. In a rosary of events, all these lives are connected and changed, and no random act goes unnoticed." The Sex Tape Play by Quinn Eli, directed by Mark Cofta, featuring Aime' Kelly, Delante Keys, and Nick Martorelli. March 7 at 2 PM, March 13 at 7 PM and March 20 at 2 PM.
"The Sex Tape Play is a play with a different type of custody battle — after the breakup, who gets custody of the sex tape? When Walter notifies his ex-girlfriend Dana that he has held onto a video of the two of them making love, Dana's husband Frank is appalled, and shows up at Walter's door to demand that the tape be destroyed. But Walter, an African-American man with a grim sense of humor, takes exception to Frank, Dana's white husband. Citing 'historical reasons' — little things like slavery, apartheid, etc. — Walter decides to take a stand by refusing to give up the tape to an increasingly agitated Frank. By the time Dana arrives to keep the two men from killing each other, she may already be too late."

The Sleep Detective by Alex Dremann, directed by Jane Stojak, featuring Gabrielle Corsaro, Felicia Leicht, Ann Gundersheimer, Steve Hyams and Mark Knight. March 7 at 7 PM, March 14 at 2 PM and March 20 at 7 PM.
"Dremann introduces audiences to a man who wakes up in a sleep lab with amnesia. He doesn't know who he is or how he got there, but he does remember the vividly detailed dream of a murder. He's not sure if it was a dream or a memory, but he knows he must go back to sleep to figure out if he is the killer. Throughout the night, he jumps back and forth between present night and his dream-memories, piecing together the events leading up to the murder. Along the way he meets the suspects Linda, Jane and Ethan — who may or may not be who they say they are — and a sleep therapist named Noreen who's got the sleeping pill that everyone wants."

What Would You Do? by Aaron Jacobs, directed by Bill Felty, featuring Howie Brown, Dylan Clements, Beth Cooney, Dallas Drummond, Brendan Lash and Lindsay Mauck, March 15 at 7 and 8:30 PM.
"An entry into this year's Philadelphia Young Playwrights Contest, What Would You Do? is an amazing game show where anything can happen. How far would the average game show contestant go to win the ultimate prize? How much does audience approval matter? Or money? Or true love? All you need to win this game are some intelligence, street smarts, a competitive edge, and a little violent streak."

All productions will feature scenic design by Kate Coots and Matt Rohner, costume design by Veronica DeWitt and Amanda Kroll and lighting design by Steve Heitz.

Tickets are $10. For more information, visit

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