April 22 "Theater Talk" Is Painful and Shocking

News   April 22 "Theater Talk" Is Painful and Shocking
Two Off-Broadway productions — Thom Pain (based on nothing) and Shockheaded Peter — will be spotlighted on the April 22 broadcast of "Theater Talk."

The PBS chat show that boasts interviews with top theatre writers and performers will feature chats with Thom Pain writer Will Eno, director Hal Brooks and actor James Urbaniak. And, Shockheaded Peter composer Martyn Jacques and actress Tamzin Griffin will offer a song from the new production. Thom Pain (based on nothing) is billed as "a wry monologue in which an ordinary man, Thom Pain, muses on childhood, yearning, disappointment and loss, cataloguing the eternal agonies of the human condition as he draws his audience into his last-ditch plea for empathy and enlightenment." It plays the DR2 Theatre.

Shockheaded Peter is a musical staging of the 19th-century children's book "Struwwelpeter" (slovenly Peter). According to production notes, the show "illuminates Heinrich Hoffman's cautionary tales and his horrible cast of disobedient children with a whimsical combination of grand guignol, puppetry and Victorian melodrama. Young Harriett and her pyrotechnic tendencies, little Conrad and his insatiable thumb-sucking and a handful of other misbehaving youngsters all come to untimely and gleefully gory ends." Shockheaded Peter plays the Little Shubert.

Hosted by New York Post theatre columnist Michael Riedel and producer Susan Haskins, "Theater Talk" airs Friday at 12:30 AM (Saturday morning) on WNET/Thirteen. The episode will be rebroadcast Monday, April 25 at 5 AM.

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