Audubon Quartet Musicians Settle With Former Violinist

Classic Arts News   Audubon Quartet Musicians Settle With Former Violinist
David Erlich, the former first violinist of the Audubon Quartet, has reached a settlement with the other members of the group, who ejected him in 2000, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

Under the settlement, Ehrlich will receive a total of about $500,000 from his colleagues: $40,000 from violinist Akemi Takayama and $460,000 from cellist Clyde T. Shaw and violist Doris Lederer. He had previously won $611,000 in court, but payment had been slowed by years of appeals and bankruptcy proceedings.

Shaw and Lederer, who are married, will give Ehrlich $200,000 from the sale of their instruments as well as the proceeds from the sales of their home and funds drawn from their retirement accounts.

The instruments were purchased by Daniel Braden, a collector in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; he has agreed to loan the instruments back to the two musicians and to give them the opportunity to buy them. Braden offered to buy the instruments last month, as previously reported, but asked to remain anonymous until a settlement was complete.

According to the Times-Dispatch, Takayama avoided giving up her instrument because it was owned by her mother.

All of the parties agreed to pay their own legal fees, which totaled about $1.5 million. Ehrlich may have some money left when his bills are paid, his lawyer told the paper. But the six-year saga produced "no real winners," he added.

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