Batt Fans Turn to Facebook to Save "Mad Men" Role

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"Mad Men" fans were saddened to learn this week that closeted ad man "Sal," portrayed by stage actor Bryan Batt, would not be returning for the next season of the hit A&E series.

Batt told, “I was supposed to be notified by December 31, and nothing." "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner solidified the news when he said losing Batt "was a tough moment for the show, but that’s where we are. I know how people felt about Bryan. I obviously love working with him, and he has been an indelible character since the pilot. But I felt it was an expression of the times that he couldn’t work there anymore. It’s the ultimate case of sexual harassment."

In an interview with New York Magazine, Batt told fans to get involved and let their voices heard if they wanted more Sal. He even suggested creating a Facebook group.

"Mad Men" fans obliged: A newly created Facebook page, which Batt dedicated to the cause, has over 1,000 fans. Check it out here.

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