BBC Radio 3 to Air Webern Marathon on September 15

Classic Arts News   BBC Radio 3 to Air Webern Marathon on September 15
The BBC's Radio 3 will present the complete works of composer Anton Webern on September 15, the London Telegraph reports.

The composer's entire oeuvre takes about six hours to play.

Webern, who died in 1945, was a member of the Second Viennese School, a group of composers that included Arnold Schoenberg and those who followed his twelve-tone technique. Webern and Alban Berg both studied under Schoenberg, and are considered part of this movement.

Webern's music is considered difficult to listen to, and, the Telegraph writes, the composer was aware of it. He described a dreadful performance of his work as "A high note, a low note, a note in the middle. . . the music of a madman."

The Telegraph's Ivan Hewitt calls the works "short and hyper-intense," and suggests that "if you're thinking of listening to any of Radio 3's "Webern Day" in the car, forget it—nothing but the quietest room will do."

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